10 Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Wear A Sari Wrap Skirt

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If you have never worn a saree before, don’t undermine those who have. Wearing a saree is not as easy as it looks or sounds. In fact, managing to put on a saree successfully and pull a fantastic look takes lots of practice. Check out subscription box yarn club for a wide collection of clothing attires that can also be worn by your sari wrap skirt. Sarees are great drapes that work to give your figure the best shape. However, this is only always possible when done right. For one, there are some things you must never attempt to do when wearing a saree. At least, that is if you intend to pull a flawless look.

Check out these perfect tips that provide you with all the don’ts you must refrain from when wearing a saree.

  1. Not pinning it right

In as much as over-pinning is not such a good idea, not pinning your saree right might even be worse. And not using any pins at all might only end up causing a free fall. You have no option but to secure your pallu and pleats using pins to keep them in place. Girls, it is essential to note that the position of the pins you use on your saree matter a lot. If you do not pin your sarees right, the whole look you try to pull won’t come out.

  1. A mismatched petticoat

Imagine wearing a pink petticoat with a white saree. Okay, so that won’t work. A wrong petticoat can and will most definitely ruin the whole look that you intend to pull with your saree. If anything, all experts at wearing sarees will advise that you match the colors of your petticoats with those of your sarees to the T. There is no shortcut or backdoor to this. Matching the colors of the two also helps to make the entire ensemble of your outfit look brighter and more put together as well.

  1. Using a pallu that is too short

Or one that is too long for that matter. Both looks will equally be as disastrous not to mention uncomfortable as well. To avoid finding yourself in such a situation, you can always pre-peat your saree even draping it on your waist. Doing this helps to give you a better idea of just how long you want your pallu to be. Check in at the subscription box yarn club to learn more about the best pallu length to pull the perfect look with your saree.

  1. Footwear flaws

Perhaps the biggest mistakes ladies make when wearing sarees is that they put on their sarees then their heels later. Doing this can come at a high cost. The chances that your saree may end up being too long or too short are very high if you put on your heels first. To prevent this from happening, you need to have your heels on before you put on your saree. Plus, the same rule should also apply when you wear your petticoat. Be careful not to fall for this blunder. Or else, you will end up ruining your whole saree look.

  1. Picking the wrong fabric

Nothing hurts when looking for the perfect fabrics to have for your clothes. And the same also applies to sarees. Take paithani, kota-cottons, and kanjeevarams which as all stiff fabrics. These fabrics don’t really allow you a lot of movements. Besides that, they also don’t flow with your figure. If anything, these fabrics also make you look heavier and fatter than you are. So, if you can find chiffons, satins, or crepes, stick to them instead. These are lightweight fabrics that also easily settle on and shape your body to express your curves. You will definitely look prettier in these saree fabrics.

  1. Tying it too low or too high

Before you start tying your saree, it is probably best that you look for a mirror. A good big mirror will help show you where to place your petticoat as well. Whether you intend on dressing yourself or have someone else help you, you will still need a mirror to monitor everything that’s going on. This is the only way you will be able to tell whether your saree is tied too high or too low. Being too high might make your saree look funny whereas being too low might only end up making it slip further down which might cause an awkward situation.

  1. Over-accessorizing

Most girls make the mistake of wearing too many accessories with their sarees. What they don’t know is that sarees already look graceful as they are. You do not need to over-accessorize them trying to make yourself look any prettier. Try and wear your jewelry according to your saree’s embellishments. For heavy sarees, try and keep your accessories to a minimal and clean. For the plain sarees, you can always go with one statement piece of jewelry. A necklace or earrings should do.

  1. Wearing the wrong blouse

10 Things You Shouldn't Do When You Wear A Sari Wrap Skirt 3No saree is ever complete without its blouse. So, if you choose the wrong blouse to go with your saree, then you are in for a rough day, or night. It is vital that you know exactly what you want the blouse of your saree to look like. Whether you want it to have a neckline, its back design, and other stuff like that. The length of the sleeves of your saree also matter a great deal and can make a big difference in pulling the perfect saree look.

  1. Color coordinating everything

Girls! The days of wearing matchy-matchy sexy chiffon sarees are over. And the time for the color-blocking sarees is here. This is the absolute way to go. Think about it for a second. Having red on red will only end up making you look dull or boring. However, when you pair a red or maroon saree with a bronze blouse and add gold jewelry to the mix, you will definitely get noticed.

  1. The wrong draping styles

Yes! Choosing the wrong draping styles can also end up ruining everything when it comes to pulling the best saree look. Some saree draping styles can, for instance, make you look heavier or bulkier than you actually are. Others can make you look slimmer too. If you are a virgin as wearing sarees, then it would be best that you stick to the nivi saree draping style. Other saree draping styles might only end up making you feel uneasy or uncomfortable.

Final words

Girls. Wearing sarees and managing to pull off the best looks is no easy task. You must plan yourself and know exactly what to do if you intend to achieve your goal of being your prettiest self. And the subscription box yarn club offers you the best information on how to make all that possible.

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