8 Arm Tattoo Designs for Men

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When it comes to arm tattoos for men, there are limitless options. Arms are one of the most common body parts for tattooing for men- which is not at all surprising. Men who are muscular like to get arm tattoos because they draw attention to their muscles. However, you must remember that arm tattoos are very visible, especially if you’re not wearing a long sleeved shirt- but they can be covered if you wish.

As mentioned, depending upon your personal style, there are many options for arm tattoos. You can get something small and simple or something large and intricate. You can even get what is known as a sleeve, which covers your entire arm. A sleeve is a spectacular piece of body art- but is definitely not for everyone.

Arm tattoos are good because the arms are not very sensitive, so there is little preparation required and it is not quite as painful. This is the reason why it is often recommended for those who are getting their very first tattoo. Depending upon the individual, the arms can offer a very large surface or a small one.

Here, we will list 8 of the most popular temporary tattoo designs for men.

  1. Tribal Designs: Native American designs are beautiful and they catch the attention of anyone and everyone who passes by.
  2. Animals of all sorts: Many people have a connection with nature, so nature-based tattoos on men are quite common as a result of this.
  3. Military Symbols: If a man has been in the military for any period of time, or another family member is, they may get a tattoo to represent their time and respect.
  4. Sports Symbols: If someone is a really big sports fan, they may get something sports related (a logo, balls, etc) that will represent their love for the sport.
  5. Connection to a parent: If a parent has been lost and/or they want something in honor of their still living parent, they may get a design that matches that intention for them.
  6. Video gaming tattoos: Many younger men love video games and they have a character or franchise that they are devoted to in one way or another. A tattoo can be the perfect way for them to represent exactly how much they love that franchise.
  7. Characters from Childhood/Superheroes: We all love cartoon characters and superheroes. Some of us love them so much that we actually get tattoos in order to show that love for them.
  8. Other: There are a lot of designs that people will do, from pride symbols to anything else that you can imagine in this area. No matter what, you can find a tattoo that can express who you are to the world.

As you can see, there is a lot of variety when you’re looking at men’s tattoos. If you want a custom tattoo, you can get more information over at our website or other websites that provide temporary tattoos for men and women alike.

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