3 DIY Home Projects for Dudes With Time on Their Hands

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For years, you have told yourself that you would gladly work on DIY projects around the house all day long — if only you had the time. Now, because of the current situation in the world, you probably have the time.

As a guy who is used to staying busy, your extended home stay can definitely be used to start tackling a number of DIY projects. If you need some inspiration on where to start, here are a few ideas.

Install a Home Security System

If you have been meaning to install a home security camera system for some time, this is the ideal opportunity to complete this important project. Fortunately, you can order a state-of-the-art wired in system online that is a perfect DIY project for dudes who have some extra time on their hands. For example, a 4K Ultra HD Security System from Lorex is a terrific option. These systems offer true 24/7 recording, high resolution and color night vision with impressive range. They also come with a UL CM rated cable that lets you run the cable through walls while still adhering to electrical codes; this will also allow you to install the cameras where you want. Then, once things calm down and you start spending time away from home again, the system will send push notifications that will keep you informed as to what is going on in and around your home at all times.

Strip and Stain the Kitchen Cabinets

You could spend the big bucks to buy all new kitchen cabinets — which often also means having to replace your counters while you are at it — or you could use this time at home to strip and stain the cabinets and give your kitchen a needed facelift. If you like the overall look of your kitchen and the cabinets are in great shape, this is a terrific and budget-friendly option. As Better Homes & Gardens notes, start by removing the hardware and wipe the cabinet fronts and doors with mineral spirits to remove grime and dust. Next, use a gel-type stripper on the cabinets and remove it with a plastic putty knife. After sanding the bare wood, apply stain to the cabinets and then after it dries, seal it up with polyurethane. If you are concerned about going into a local hardware or home improvement store to shop for the needed supplies, call around to see if any local shops are offering curbside delivery; for instance, Ace Hardware is currently offering this service. You will probably find that you can order what you need on the store’s website and when you arrive to pick it up, an employee will bring it right out to the trunk of your car.

Spruce Up Your Backyard

With so many people cooped up at home right now, it’s a great opportunity to spend time in the backyard and on the patio in the springtime weather. If your deck and yard are looking a bit neglected, spend a few days getting it back into shape. Give the lawn a good trim and take the time to pull pesky weeds by hand. Sand down those rusty metal tables and chairs, and give them a fresh coat of paint. String clear lights underneath the patio roof so you can enjoy time out back in the evening. Clean out the bird feeders and fill them with fresh seed; if you have kids at home, they will be sure to enjoy watching their feathered friends come to eat. Deep clean the BBQ and, if necessary, place an order online for charcoal briquets or propane. Once it’s all done, cook everyone a nice steak dinner and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

We Will Get Through This

Eventually, the world will return to normal and you’ll go back to having busy days and little time for DIY projects. But for now, you can keep your mind and body active while cooped up at home and get a number of tasks done that will beautify your home in the process.

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