3 Practical Tips for Coping with an Eye Injury

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Eye injuries vary from minor to major — they can constitute as being something as simple as getting shampoo in the eye to suffering a serious puncture wound. Regardless of how inconsequential or, on the other hand, important they are deemed, however, one thing that is for certain is the fact that eye injuries always hurt. If you are ever unfortunate enough to be stricken with this kind of problem, coping with your plight in the right way during its aftermath is of the utmost importance. If you don’t, you could worsen your situation and damage your vision going forward.

To find three practical tips for coping with an eye injury, make sure to read on.

What to look for initially

In order to determine what kind of action you need to take in your bid to cope with your eye injury, first, you need to know what specific problem you are actually dealing with. In this instance, you should look out for the following initial symptoms:

  • Pain in the eye or around the area that surrounds it
  • A visible wound
  • Blood in the eye area (or bloodshot eyes)
  • Partial or even total vision loss
  • Excessive eye-watering
  • Puffed up eyelids

If you notice any of these signs, it is imperative that you take the most severe action possible: seek medical attention. Chances are, your situation will not turn out to be half as bad as it looks. Seeking attention will, though, rule out any serious problems that you could potentially have.

Flushing your eye

If your pain is not excessive, then you might be able to just flush your eye out. To do this, you should:

  • Slant your head so that your affected eye is considerably lower than your uninjured one
  • Pour water across your injured eye from the bridge of your nose (repeat this at least five times)
  • Aim a gentle stream of shower water just above your eye while you hold it open

By doing this, you might be able to unearth whatever foreign object it is that is causing your eye so much discomfort.

Seek assistance if you’re unsure what to do

No matter how minor or major your eye injury is deemed to be, if you’re unsure about what to do to rid yourself of this problem, then you should seek assistance. Whether this simply means asking somebody to blow into your eye in order to clear any dust that may be aggravating it, or whether this means taking the above advice and going to consult with a medical professional, asking for help could be what saves your vision.

Another type of assistance that you shouldn’t be afraid to seek and then accept is that that is offered by a compensation expert. Should your eye injury be the result of another person’s ignorance, malpractice, or negligence, then you should align yourself with a professional eye injury lawyer and get the compensation that you deserve — you can find professionals that fit this bill at the-compensation-experts.co.uk. By doing so, you could end up receiving the financial boost that you need to fix your eye injury for good.

In order to cope with your eye injury and move forward with your life, you must heed all that you have read above.

Image Credits: Amanda Dalbjörn

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