3 Restaurant Interior Design Ideas You Can Implement on a Budget

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Being a restaurant owner is hard work, even without having to decorate the interior. But the key to interior design is simplicity and creating an even balance.

This includes the apparel of your employees. Employees are the first to be seen, and it is important to have their apparel match the atmosphere of the restaurant. Even though the chefs are behind the scenes, they can often be seen when the kitchen doors swing open, and therefore need matching chef apparel (plus, the clothing is functional too).

Beyond the employees, there are lots of other ways to spruce up your restaurant’s appearance.


Shelving is a great addition to the atmosphere of your restaurant. Shelving doesn’t have to be expensive and can cost around ten dollars per shelf at your local hardware store. Shelving also doesn’t have to be fancy to draw the attention of your customers. You can use shelving to display items that are relevant to the theme of your restaurant.

For example, you can display a replica of the Eiffel Tower if you have a French-themed restaurant, or books if you have a small café style restaurant. There are so many chic ideas for shelving, it can be hard to choose just one style. One thing is for sure: the minimalist approach to shelving is best. Do not put too many items on shelving or it’ll look too busy and draw too much attention to one spot.

DIY lighting

Lighting plays an important role in your restaurant’s atmosphere. If you’re going for a romantic theme, low lighting with DIY glass tabletop candles may be your best bet. Lately, there have been a lot of DIY projects involving chandeliers and overhead lighting fixtures. Most of these fixtures are made with hand-painted recycled materials and can change the look of a plain chandelier for less than twenty dollars.

Buying plain light fixtures and adding colorful glass mosaic looking bottles can really jazz up your restaurant space. It definitely won’t hurt to look up some new ideas on DIY lighting online before deciding on how to brighten up your space.


You can really make your walls pop by adding art to your walls. You can find local artists who are willing to display their art with the intent that the art can be sold off the walls. Or if you want to keep the art that is on your walls, you can buy cheap canvas prints. You can buy cheap, pre-painted prints online, or you can buy canvas with designs printed on them and you can design the color scheme to match your decor. You can even get cheap prints of your favorite places, or famous people. Art is endless and there are so many different styles of art that you can coordinate with your restaurant.

Making your restaurant simple with an even balance is key to having a photogenic appearance. This includes the attire of your staff and your decor! Ensure that all decor and attire is keeping in theme with your restaurant and everything matches well with the overall color scheme, including the uniforms.

In recent years, restaurants have been investing in photogenic decor to attract Instagram users. This is great news for everyone, because social media exposure is free marketing. Who doesn’t like making money from free marketing? Jazz up your restaurant by adding shelving, lighting, and art and put a unique touch on your decor to attract more social media users to your restaurant, and you’re bound to make a large return on your investment.

Image Credits: Tom Balabaud

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