3 Tips For Getting A Non-Traditional Engagement Ring

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While most things that have to do with weddings are generally going to be pretty traditional, there are definitely things you can do as you plan and prepare for your big day in order to set yourself apart from the crowd. Especially with people getting married today, there seems to be more and more of a desire to let your own personality shine through and buck the traditions that others have held to for years.

One area in particular where this seems to be a trend is in the engagement ring. So if you’re wanting to get engaged with a ring that speaks more to you and your partner than to anyone else, here are three tips for getting a non-traditional engagement ring.

Avoid A White Diamond

One of the most traditional engagement rings you can get is one that contains a white diamond. And while these rings are most definitely beautiful, avoiding a white diamond, at least at the center of your setting, can help you have a much more non-traditional engagement ring.

According to JewelryWise.com, there are all types of colored diamonds that you can choose from to put into your engagement ring setting. From yellow and green to blue and pink, you can incorporate almost any color into your diamond. Additionally, you can also go for a gem that’s not a diamond at all. Not only will this give you an original ring, but it could also save you some money as well.

Consider What Your Band Is Made Of

Aside from the stone or gem that you use in your engagement ring, you also can put your personality more into your ring by choosing a non-traditional material for your band.

Natalie Kent, a contributor to Medium.com, shares that in addition to getting a band that’s made out of some kind of metal, like gold or platinum, you could also use a different material that will look non-traditional while also being durable. Some options include silicone, wood, and more.

Try A Ring Stack

Normally, an engagement ring consists of one ring with a stone setting in the middle. But to really have something fresh and unique, Samantha Iacia, a contributor to WeddingWire.com, suggests trying something like a ring stack.

Becoming more and more popular in recent years, stacking multiple rings on the same finger can easily be done with an engagement ring just like it can be done with other rings. This can make your engagement ring appear edgier as well as making it look a little less formal and a little more ready-to-wear for any and all occasions.

If you’re wanting to go with a non-traditional engagement ring option, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find something that will work for you.

Image Credits: Sarah Cervantes

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