How to Choose the Right Apparel for the Hunt

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When it comes to hunting clothes, there are two things you need to keep in mind. The first thing is the comfort level of the clothing because you certainly don’t want to wait for an animal to wander into your crosshairs in itchy or uncomfortable clothes. You also need to keep the camouflage portion of your apparel intact as well.

Picking Camo Gear

Having clothing that allows you to move silently towards an animal, and remain hidden in the environment is one of the most important things for a hunter. First, you need to know where and when you will be hunting. Are you going up into cold forests in the dead of winter? Then you’ll need to have white gear and probably a lot of layers.

But that same white gear wouldn’t help you if you are hunting in the evergreen forests. Pick the clothes that not only help you keep camouflaged in the environment you are in, but ones that also are appropriate for the climate and the weather.

Also, no matter what environment you find yourself in, always be sure to have some type of blaze orange clearly visible on your person. This doesn’t give away your position to the animals, but does allow humans to see you and steer clear during hunting season.

Staying Dry

Sometimes you’ll be out hunting on a cloudy day and the rain will fall, or there might be a wide stream in your path with nowhere to cross. When that situation comes, you’ll be very happy to have some waterproof clothing. While no hunter ever plans to get wet, sometimes you have to hunt in a wet environment or are just unlucky enough to have the bad weather turn on you.

Having at least a waterproof jacket, pants, and boots will be a lifesaver in those situations, and they will allow you to ignore the water, stay warm, and focus on the hunt.

Material Matters

While cotton is the most common material clothes are made of, it’s not the best hunting material due to its tendency to absorb water and be a bit heavier than traditional hunting gear. So be sure that you are buying hunting gear made of something that meets your criteria for comfort and concealment.

One great material is merino wool, which not only provides insulation for you, but is also light, stretchable, and is waterproof. Be sure to find a good merino wool care guide if you choose to buy hunting gear made from this type of wool. If you take care of the merino wool, it will last you many more hunts to come.

Take Your Time and Pick Right

If you have the proper hunting gear that keeps you comfortable, insulated, dry and camouflaged, you can greatly increase the odds of a successful hunt. So do your research, ask questions, and make sure that you are properly equipped before you set out to hunt down your next big prize.

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