What is Retro Period Jewellery?

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We all love the many different eras of style and jewellery and most of us do have a preference one way or the other. If the Retro period is your thing, you’ve come to the right place, as in this article, we will familiarise you with the Retro style of jewellery.

Based on the Past

The definition of the term ‘retro’ refers to a style that is based on older styles, which is typically 20-30 years in cycle. In terms of jewellery, the Retro period encompassed both Art Deco and Art Nouveau and during this time, there were world shortages of precious stones and metals, largely due to WWII.

Large & Futuristic

These two adjectives best describe Retro jewellery, which mainly used yellow gold or sterling silver, with chunky designs that contained one or two large stones, as opposed to many small diamonds. Retro jewellery is typically three-dimensional, unlike Art Deco, which is mainly flat. Due to the scarcity of gold at the time, most jewellery items were made from sterling silver.

Gold & Silver Retro Jewellery

Most of the gold Retro jewellery ended up being smelted down for economic reasons and if you have some gold Retro jewellery, it would be valuable. If you are soon to pop the question and are looking for a stunning Retro ring, Kalmar Antiques offers vintage diamond engagement rings of the Retro period. With online solutions, you can browse from home and when you are ready, make a viewing appointment with the antique dealer.

The Forties and Fifties

These were magical decades and just after the end of WWII, people were looking to become vibrant and this time saw the birth of the Hollywood industry and that required stunning accessories in the form of Retro style jewellery. Thanks to a highly successful advertising campaign by De Beers, a major diamond merchant, sparkling stones suddenly were all the rage, and they quickly became a girl’s best friend.

Where to Acquire Authentic Retro Vintage Jewellery

 As we all know, there are some good replicas out there and the best way to ensure that the jewellery is genuine is to buy from a respected antiques dealer who would have a reputation to uphold. The online antique dealer is part of a global network of antique dealers and can therefore source just about anything. If you would like to view stunning Retro diamond engagement rings, search online and you will find a leading antique dealer where you can view their catalogue.

Beware of Replicas

It is uncanny how good a replica can look and if you do not have much experience with fine antique jewellery, you are advised to contact a respected antique dealer as you can be sure that all jewellery items are the real thing. An online antique dealer usually has access to pieces from all around the globe, giving you a very wide choice of authentic Retro jewellery and when you find what you’re looking for, you can book a private viewing.

There are many reasons why the Retro style is popular, and that popularity doesn’t look like falling anytime soon.

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