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Before the pandemic halted the normal life, around three million people travelled yearly all around the world, from the hidden gems of Asia to the tourist spots in America. Some brought their family, friends, and loved ones with them and others travelled alone. Lone travellers tend to regularly check the time back at home, in order to time a thoughtful call at the perfect time to their family.

These days, our tablets, smartphones, and laptops simultaneously show the time zones of multiple places around the world, but way back before these were created, most people relied on watches. The world-renowned watchmaker Rolex then made an iconic invention. Keep reading to learn more about the watch that shows two time zones in one timepiece.

The Best Watch for Traveling

Rolex has been building its iconic reputation since the early 1900s. It has always been one of the high-end brands of watches out there that would surely be a great investment. It is widely known not just for its timeless design, but for the craftsmanship of each watch that it has ever produced. It sports a classic design that can cater to any occasion, from the casual backyard barbecue to the red wine parties, and is a constant that withstands the flow of trends. The Rolex watches are built with the idea of class, strength, function, and quality in mind.

A specific watch that would be a great investment for traveling is the Rolex GMT Master 2. It is one of the Rolex watches that are always in demand. It is widely used by pilots since it has two 24-hour dials that allow users to view the times of various places. Because of this feature, it became the official watch of Pan American World Airways.


Aside from its iconic bi-directional bezel, the GMT-Master II makes use of the calibre 3285 with a GMT complication. This calibre allows users to have access to two time zones in one watch. You can easily set each of the time zones independently of one another. By being able to read two time zones, it allows users to be time-sensitive to different places.

The Calibre 3285 is a completely in-house Rolex manufactured movement. It is chronometer-certified with deviations of only 1-2 seconds per day. As a self-winding watch with 70 hours of power reserve, you can take it off for the weekend and have it back on for work at a perfect performance. The watch is also shock and magnetic resistant.

Moving on to the design, various bracelet and metal options are available for this watch. The Oystersteel versions are offered with a very comfortable five-piece link Jubilee bracelet, while the gold versions of the watch are available in a three-piece link Oyster bracelet. Recent iterations of the GMT-Master II feature ceramic bezel inserts that are more abrasion- and scratch-resistant than the Plexiglass used on the original model.

All of the bracelets come with Rolex’s patented Oysterlock safety clasps that ensure your watch stays on your wrist, eliminating any unwanted and unexpected losses. Lastly, for additional comfort, the bracelets demonstrate the Easylink rapid extension system that allows you to adjust your bracelet size on-the-go.


The watch is priced at around $16,000 USD and is a priceless investment. For this value, you get all the amazing features that the watch offers and more. Each timepiece is meticulously created to ensure that the consumers receive their money’s worth, and as people embark on different journeys with it, the watch could be a memento of something more.

Because of its sturdy and high-quality material, the watch would be durable against daily wear and tear and could be given as a gift or passed on as an heirloom.  The watch is not just ideal for long flights but is also waterproof enough to be able to take it to the beach.

Some people may see it just as an expensive watch, but if you are looking for a watch for long-term use then it is definitely worth the price.


The Rolex GMT-Master II is at the pinnacle of the GMT watches. Marketed as a working man’s watch, the GMT is not only good for travellers, but also anyone with an appreciation for watches. So, if you’re looking for the best travel buddy or just a good investment, this is the watch for you!


Image Credits: Fernando Arcos

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