Picking Out the Perfect Dress for Your Little Girl as the Weather Warms Up

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As the weather warms up, we all start to swap out our woolly knits and cosy jackets for our spring and summer wardrobes. The warmer months call for cute frocks and floral staples – and this also goes for your little girl’s wardrobe! Whether this is your first change of season with your daughter or you have been enjoying hot summers together for a few years now, it is always important to know how to pick the perfect dress for them as it starts to warm up. From different styles and designs to summer-friendly fabrics, there is plenty to consider, so, whether you are looking for a brand-new dress to welcome their very first summer or they’ve grown a bit since last season, take a look below to find out how to pick the perfect dress for your little girl.

Pick something she’s going to love

It doesn’t matter how soft, cute or practical the dress is if your little girl isn’t going to want to wear it! When it comes to picking out a stylish girls dress, you need to make sure that she loves it, so you know she will want to wear it as it warms up. If you are planning on going out shopping for a dress, take your little girl along with you so she can enjoy the experience and also help you pick out a dress (or maybe even a few) that she will want to wear. If you prefer to online shop, pull up a chair for your little one and let her help you shop for her new dress – she will love it! If your little girl likes the outfit that you pick out, it’s going to make it so much easier to incorporate it into her day to day wear – especially when transitioning from cooler to warmer months when the outfits she is used to wearing are no longer suitable for the temperature.

Pick an appropriate fabric for the weather

When shopping for clothes for the warmer months, it is important to check what fabric the items are, as the outfits we wear during the cooler months may not be the most suitable fabrics for when it warms up. When shopping for the perfect summer dress for your little girl, keep an eye out for dresses with floaty skirts because they will make sure there is plenty of airflow while she’s wearing it. Floaty dresses will also make sure she doesn’t get too warm, especially if she’ll be wearing it to play or out to a friend’s birthday party. Also check what fabric the dress is, as this may be a deciding factor on whether or not it’s a good choice for a summer dress. Popular fabrics for the warmer months are cotton and linen, as they are super light, soft and breathable, making them perfect fabrics for hot days spent playing outside in the sun.

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