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There are few brands with as high a status when it comes to luggage as Rimowa. As one of the first brands to consider using the materials actually used in the aircraft industry to create lightweight, resilient luggage, their iconic grooved style has become something of a byword for high end travel cases. As time and air travel has moved on, the German brand Rimowa has become known throughout the world for offering the ultimate in luxury flight cases and suitcases.

If you are a regular traveller, whether for business or just to have adventures, then investing in Rimowa luggage can afford you a lifetime of practicality and convenience as you fly as well as giving you a look so stylish you will feel like a true celebrity jetsetter!

Amazing Build Quality and Design

Rimowa luggage is as famous as it is for a very good reason – it offers some of the best design and build quality on the market, and has been designed specifically with air travel in mind. While you can choose from different materials for your Rimowa luggage, like aluminium and polycarbonate, they have been designed to cope well with being flung around by baggage handlers and to respond well to pressure. This means that a common feature of Rimowa cases that have seen plenty of use is that they pick up their own unique marks and dents, which add to their look and make your own cases tell a story.

Why Rimowa Luggage Is a Great Investment

As a top end brand Rimowa suitcases may at first glance appear to be far more costly than cheap high street options, however what you get for your money is a lifetime of travel without ever needing to replace your cases, as well as stylish design that will never go out of fashion. If you consider this, in the long term Rimowa cases offer exceptionally value, and can even become heirlooms you pass down through your family when your travels are done!

Stylish Good Looks

One thing to consider when you are investing in luggage with a very long life span, is whether its style is likely to date. Rimowa’s trademark looks have changed very little over the decades, and vintage Rimowa cases are still in use. While things have been slightly modernized with things like laptop compartments and more modern materials and colour schemes available, at its core the Rimowa design ethic is timeless, so you know you will love these cases as much in the future as the day you buy them. Their designs are also beautifully unisex, allowing you to use these cases on your own, or with your partner or family, and have all of you look great!

It is no surprise that Rimowa suitcases have won the hearts of generations of fashion writers, travel enthusiasts and stars, with their stunning and innovative designs. If you want to invest in great luggage, Rimowa is definitely the brand to think of.

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