Why Jeggings Are an Essential Part of Your Wardrobe

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We have long heard the term leggings and know that the main feature of this garment is flexibility. Then came another, jeggings, which combines the flexibility of leggings with other components.

The jeggings pants that are characterised by their flexibility, in addition to being created with a stretch material such as cotton and denim.

These are the main reasons why you should add them to your wardrobe. You’re not convinced yet? Keep reading and discover how these jeggings can become your perfect ally and pull away all the stress of the classic “I don’t have anything to wear!” sentence.

Jeggings: why will you love them?Why Jeggings Are an Essential Part of Your Wardrobe 3

No matter how curvy you are, this piece will enhance your silhouette. It fits your body without any problem. With the jeggings you have the effect of skinny jeans but more comfortable.

If you have day or night events, you can use them without any worries and look stunning. Even for the office or for the day to day, they are a good option with which your looks will have a different touch.

But, not only: this attire has characteristics of comfort and elegance at the same time. That’s why it can be the ideal thing to wear for traveling. You will be able to look incredible without losing the comfort that every trip requires. In addition, another great point in their favour, is that they do not wrinkle as much as the dress pants, so you will be impeccable. They are the ideal pants to wear at any time without any worries.

How can you wear a good pair of jeggings?

Now you know, jeggings are an item you should seriously consider having in your closet. Plus, you’ll be able to create amazing looks, it’ll always get you out of any drama or pre-evening mental breakdown. You can also easily combine them with all types of footwear. Would you dare to wear them?

Here a list of few tips to have the perfect final look:

  1. Try to wear suitable underwear: neither bigger nor smaller. It will take the shape out of your buttocks.
  2. Choose tight jeans: loose pants will hide your shape, and the ones that will take the limelight will be your legs.
  3. Dark jeans vs. light jeans? That depends on the occasion even though the dark ones will give you a slimmer effect.
  4. Select jeggings with back pocket: especially if they’re rounded there pockets will make you b-side look like a jewel!
  5. Try to buy jeggings with high waist: the higher the better.
  6. Use your jeggings with high heels when going out at night: your bottom and legs will have a major appearance.
  7. Choose push up jegging: Freddy, an Italian brand, is currently among the best producers of push up jeggings. Its WR.UP® technology allows the pants to follow the lines of the body and emphasizes them without any hesitance, making the legs appear longer than kilometers.

And we are lucky that we can find this kind of pants in many versions and designs! As dress trousers, slim, in large sizes, in jeggings!

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