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You know who you are: A fashionista, a style icon, a wistful portrait of couture wearing Dolce & Gabbana with flair and chic urbanity. Celebrating fashion as a wearable art form goes hand in hand when you consider Alta Moda is already commemorating 10 years of amazing custom-made clothing. Keep reading for more on this enthralling anniversary event.

The History Behind the Alta Moda Label

The Italian words Alta Moda translate into English as high fashion. This is an aptly suitable name for the label that was started by the Italian luxury house designers of the eponymously named Dolce & Gabbana. While they began their first label together in 1985, Alta Moda received creative life in 2012 with entirely new and limited conceptualizations.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana release their annual Alta Moda collection in a much-anticipated style. With multitudes of pageantry and artistry, the collection adorns famous models and ultra-rich audience members alike. Alta Moda has a following of around 1000 people who have been growing in numbers since its luxurious inception.

The Anniversary Celebration

The designer Dolce & Gabbana threw an unusual off-season anniversary party to the delight of a select number to celebrate 10 years of creating wearable beauty. They held their event in the ever-alluring Siracusa, Sicily. In true fashion-show style, the event was attended by top-echelon celebrities. They ranged in age from the young to the young at heart yet more mature and always stunning A-listers.

The designs were a righteous nod to the rich religious history of the Italian region. The well-appointed finery was overflowing with embroidery and creative adornments. The wares ranged from gender-conforming women’s wedding gowns to gender-bending bejewelled men’s designs. All were unique and explored the creative minds of their designers as they pushed the limits once again.

Dolce & Gabbana Bring Expertly Crafted Wares

One thing that any attendee of the elite anniversary event noticed immediately was the amazingly crafted items. From the headdresses on the top to the shoes on the bottom, everything was expertly crafted in the most painstakingly and masterfully beautiful way. With attention to detail like no other, Dolce & Gabbana brought their ultimate made-to-measure craft to the world.

This spectacle is one that was curated for the ages. And yet, the designs will translate beautifully onto their wearers at galas and awards shows. After the show, people were already flocking to order these millinery delights.

Follow the Designs for Inspiration

Whether you are seeking out a purveyor of luxury Dolce & Gabbana made-to-order Alta Moda stylings, looking for something from their vintage collection, or are one who appreciates the beauty of it all, keep up with all things high fashion and revisit the 2022 10-year anniversary event in all its resplendent glory.

You will be amazed and enamoured by the glamorous stylings that harken back to some of Dolce & Gabbana’s early days, yet evoke the visionary inventiveness of this amazing team. Stay up-to-date, in the know, and fashionable forever by following Dolce & Gabbana’s annual Alta Moda limited couture event. It is history in the making.

Image Credits: Dolce & Gabbana

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