A Luxurious Life: Top Luxury Watches That You Should Have

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A lot of people want to have the luxury in their lives, especially that we are living in a world where we show off everything through social media, and we compare our lives to a lot of people. It may hurt us if we think that we lack something that we want. Luxury is all about the quality, the brand, and how it can make you feel good.

For watch enthusiasts who love luxury in their wrists and their collection, you know that there are a lot of luxury watches out there that you need to put on your collection. These are the watches that top the watch market with the quality it brings to the table, the design, and how they complete your overall look. So here is the list of the top luxury watches that you should have.

Hublot Big Bang Watches

A great start to adding to your collection, Big Bang is an elegant watch model that is made by a Swiss brand that produces luxury watches, Hublot. The collection of Hublot Big Bang was introduced in 2005, at Basel, and with just a brief period, this collection of Hublot flagship has been recognized by the watch enthusiasts and lovers all over the world.

Today, the Big Bang models are among the best and most desired watches. Hublot made a significant impact on the celebration and success in the business of watchmaking. The Hublot Big Bang has taken the brand to the direction of accomplishments and success.

Breitling Premier B01

The Premier B01 is a modern classic and was reissued in the year 2018 as an upgrade of the traditional dress watch from Breitling that the production had fallen out because the brand switched to a sportier style during the ending of the last century. They made a modern retro to a sporting design, and this will likely be the basis for formal timepieces in the future from the Breitling brand, so add one of the originals to your collection while you can.

A lot of collectors will want to have a Breitling watch in their collection, but the thing is that you can’t easily own any Breitling. So if you still have room for another, make sure that you add the Premier B01 in your collection because it’s a versatile watch that you need to have it.

Patek Philippe Nautilus

This sports watch was designed uniquely to help Patek Philippe to recover from the quartz crisis that hit the watch business in the early years of 1970. While this watch is famous for its beauty at that time, today, it stays dauntless of the most tasteful collector’s portfolio. The brand has the edge in making watches that a lot of people can hand down to the next generations and serves as a reminder of your quality appreciation and good taste for your kids, and their kids after.


Living a luxurious life and collecting luxury watches is not easy because you might get tempted for a lot of things, and you might not choose the best watch to add to your collection. What you need to do is to focus and get those watches that will define your personality and will make you feel good. Don’t settle for beauty alone and always make sure that you get the best quality watch that your kids and their kids after can still inherit.

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