7 Tips for Incorporating Leggings into Your Wardrobe

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Maybe you’ve heard about the athleisure trend of leggings as a wardrobe staple, and now you’re planning to try to see if it works with your style and closet. If so, it’s time to up your game and invest in leggings that you can mix and match with almost anything in your wardrobe.

Leggings can be very versatile when it comes to pairing it with other pieces in your closet. There are a few things to consider when you’re starting to incorporate them. Here are seven tips for you to incorporate leggings into your wardrobe this year.

Stick to Black or Neutral-colored Leggings

Leggings have been praised for their versatility and comfort and they have risen to be one of the most essential go-to outfit pairings. This is because many women find leggings to be easily paired with almost anything in their closets.

It is recommended that you invest more on black or dark-colored leggings instead of colored leggings with bold and bright patterns. The reason for this is that the former is easier to be worn as an everyday staple, whether you’re heading to work or facing situations that require a more professional look.

Make Sure Your Leggings are Opaque

When buying your leggings, be wary of the clothing or material of your leggings as some of them may be too sheer that your undergarments will show. You can try the leggings in the dressing room, bend over to stretch, and examine your leggings in bright and natural light to see whether or not the clothing is opaque enough.

This is when it can be worth it to invest in a more expensive pair of leggings. Brands such as Athleta or Lululemon have durable and non-see through leggings that can be worn without worrying if your underwear is showing through underneath.

Choose Leggings that are Flattering

Besides investing in high-quality leggings, it’s also important to choose leggings that flatter your shape and are comfortable for you to wear.

Because leggings are skin tight, they can be prone to giving you a muffin top (even on women who are naturally thin). To combat this and keep a flattering figure, find leggings that are high waisted. Along with concealing more of your stomach, this legging style can work great with crop tops!

Pick Various Materials

There are some types of leggings materials that can be challenging to dress up or dress down in some necessary situations. Faux leather or mesh leggings, for example, would be more work-appropriate than cotton or sheer leggings. This is also something for you to consider when incorporating leggings into your closet.

Pair Your Leggings with Longer Tops

There is a reason why most women believe that tunic dresses and longer tops are more appropriate when trying to mix and match their outfits with leggings. It is usually because tops and dresses that are long enough to keep your backside fully covered look more flattering and versatile with leggings.

These looks can be worn in a variety of events such as work, a hang out with friends, or semi-formal events, whereas wearing leggings with tops that are cropped and body-fit are usually related to the gym, yoga, or very casual looks. This also shows that showing too much of the top of your leggings would rather look less modest and conservative.

Accessorize and Balance the Athleisure Look

Leggings may be an athleisure piece but wearing other accessories, handbags, and shoes could work as the cherry on top that could make or break your outfit.

An example of this could be choosing to wear nude pointed heels versus white sneakers with your outfit combination of leggings and a top. Heels would give you a more professional and chic vibe while wearing sneakers would make you look more laidback and hipster.

The same goes for wearing handbags, scarves, and other types of accessories with your legging piece. They all contribute to what your whole outfit look and vibe will be, which is why it is highly recommended that you keep in mind the dress code of the place or situation you’re supposed to go to. This is so that you can actually plan ahead and be flexible with it.

Style with Boots

One of the great things about leggings is that they go well with so many styles of shoes. From a casual sandal look to a night on the town with heels, leggings are versatile enough to be paired with most shoes.

In particular, boots look especially great with leggings. Boots can comfortably fit over leggings and add to that form-fitted look. Because leggings are generally thinner, boots are a perfect way to keep your legs warmer in the cooler seasons!


Incorporating the leggings trend into your wardrobe this year shouldn’t be hard. Following these simple tips will help your outfit combination with leggings look stylish and sophisticated in any place or situation you’re planning to wear it to.

Image Credits: Paula May

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