Why Should You Buy Hill Tribe Silver Earrings?

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An easy way to update your looks is by adding a few pieces to your jewellery collection. If you are going towards an exotic look, your best bet is to get a pair of Hill Tribe silver earrings.

Why should you consider buying hill tribe earrings? Here are some reasons.

They are unique

The Karen Tribe originated from Tibet and is now living in the mountains and forests of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Karen artisans make the Hill Tribe silver earrings personally. Every piece is hand-hammered by a master craftsman.

Plus, Karen silver has between 99.5% to 99.9% pure silver content. The remaining 1% is for the soldering. Each pair of earrings is unique.

Their designs are beautiful

The Karen artisans are very creative. Both men and women in the tribe wear earrings. Their women are also known for wearing brass coils around their neck – that is why they are called the “long neck hill tribe.”

Their most popular kind is the “hoop earring.” The bigger versions are preferred by most.

However, they also create stud and drop earrings similarly attractive designs:

  • New moon
  • Islander
  • Whirlpool
  • Marrakech
  • Dragonfly
  • Seastar
  • Shadow
  • Sunrise
  • Aztec
  • Totem
  • Raindrops

These designs are perfect if you want to go for the “boho” or bohemian look.

Statement earrings are fashionable

Hill Tribe silver earrings are statement earrings that go well with black outfits, a white linen “boho” dress, or even with an oversized boyfriend shirt.

Statement earrings are the perfect accessories to off-shoulder white blouses and ripped jeans. They also work well with denim shirts, lacy tops, and black blazers.

Silver earrings will make you stand out

Silver earrings look their best on people with dark hair or those sporting a tan. Accessorising with silver necklaces, bracelets, and anklets will complete the look.

There are health benefits to wearing silver

Since hill tribe silver earrings have almost 99% pure silver, there are said to be healing properties to wearing silver.

Here are some of the most commonly believed properties of silver:

  • Silver fights infections and prevents colds and flu.
  • Wearing silver improves energy levels and increases circulation.
  • Silver promotes good moods.
  • Silver keeps the blood vessels healthy and assists in the formation and healing of bones.
  • Silver repairs the skin.
  • Silver helps in avoiding toxic substances. Observers say that silver jewelry turns blue whenever there are elevated sodium levels in the body.
  • Silver treats arthritis symptoms, as proven by the University of Southampton, England.

Silver is the perfect substitute for people allergic to nickel

Earrings made of nickel make the earlobes of some people itch. Within 12 to 48 hours of contact, there will be redness, rashes, and dry patches. Then, the outbreaks will result in blisters, crusts, and scales. Without the proper treatment, the skin will darken, crack, and become leathery.

It is best to choose nickel-free metals like sterling silver, copper, platinum, and titanium. Since it is almost 100% pure silver, hill tribe silver earrings are the best option.

You will be helping the Karen tribe

The Karen tribe is struggling to be self-sufficient; hence, they are selling their elaborate hill tribe silver earrings and other jewellery items. Many of their families are very poor.

The Karen Hill Tribes Trust (KHT) dedicates itself to helping the Karen tribe achieve better health, livelihood, and education.

By wearing their artisan jewellery, you will be doing your part in promoting their culture.


Aside from the above benefits of wearing Hill Tribe silver earrings, you will be helping the Karen tribe achieve a better life.

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