Wedding Ring Tattoos: Pros, Cons, and Tips

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If you love getting inked and you want to show your undying love for someone, wedding ring tattoos can be ideal. Even when you take your ring off, you’ve still got the marker of eternal love and loyalty there with you. It’s a great way for couples to get something matching, and they don’t have to prohibit you from having an actual physical ring around your finger, either.

Pros of getting Wedding Ring Tattoos

There are some big positives to getting wedding ring tattoos:

  • You don’t have to worry about taking your ring off when you are doing the washing, and you can’t lose it!
  • It’s a great way to show your permanent and undying love for somebody.
  • You get a chance to design your ring tattoo exactly how you would like it, and not worry about whether a design is “in stock”.
  • They look amazing, and you can get a matching design with your partner. A wedding ring design can be a little bit less flexible in this respect, unless you are going to design it yourself.

Cons of getting Wedding Ring Tattoos

There are a few cons of getting these tattoos, especially when compared with a traditional ring.

  • If you aren’t buying a ring as well as getting the ring tattoo, you won’t have a keepsake to pass down to future generations or keep in the family.
  • Some workplaces are still a little bit fussy about your tattoos. It’s not always allowed, especially in visible areas like the hands or face.

What You Need to Know Before You Go

If you’ve not got a tattoo before there are certain things that you need to know beforehand. For a starter, make sure you’re prepared with a way to pay for the tattoo and you don’t plan to haggle.

Always go to the toilet first, and you might want to practice some breathing techniques to make sure you know that you can cope with the pain.

Make sure you’ve eaten before you go to get your tattoo, as you don’t want low blood sugars while you’re in the process. A sugary snack to take with you may also be a good idea.

Finding an Artist

You can go to google and look for a tattoo artist near me, but there are actually a lot of methods for finding an artist nearby. Many tattoo artists have big social media followings. Instagram is particularly useful for checking on a tattoo artist as you will be able to see a lot of their previous work. This gives you a chance to check if it is the sort of thing you are really looking for and what an artist’s specialties are. If you see an artist’s work and you know you love it, you will feel much more confident going into it.

Also, make sure to choose a tattoo artist who has decades of experience and a tattoo shop that provides a safe environment for all customers.

Things to Consider

Below, we’ve listed some of the things you should consider before getting a tattoo, especially in this particular part of your body!


It’s going to hurt. Finger tattoos are notoriously one of the most painful varieties of tattoos that you can get. As well as hurting loads when you get it done, it will continue to hurt afterward as your fingers are constantly moving around. If you’re not ready for a painful experience then a tattoo is really not going to be for you.


Your tattoo will need some care and it definitely needs to be wrapped after it has been completed. Because of the fact that we use our hands a lot, and where the tattoo is located, it will probably rub a lot and be an infection risk if you don’t look after it. Aftercare means getting the right lotions and continuing to wrap the tattoo overnight. If done wrong, it can cause serious health issues.


The tattoo will be permanent. If you’re getting married, hopefully that doesn’t matter to you at all, as you will want your tattoo to stay on your finger forever, but it is worth considering. It’s not just about whether you stay married or not, if you one day decide you don’t want the tattoo anymore, removal can be a difficult and expensive thing to do.

How much do wedding ring tattoos cost?

Naturally, this will vary depending on where in the world you are based, and how complex the design is. The best way to work out what it is likely to cost you is to search a term like “tattoo shop near me” and ask for a few quotes from local tattoo artists. The actual artwork is likely to be relatively small, but this is an intricate area to get tattooed and it might take a while, which can lead to a higher cost.

Image Credits: Tú Anh

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