4 Events You Must Do Once in Your Life

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The saying goes that you only live once, so it’s essential that you make each moment count. By creating new experiences and making the time out to explore, you can achieve this. Think about things that you would love to do if you had no setbacks or restrictions and write them down. Life is for living so why not create opportunities to make these desires a reality? You can start by attending events that you wouldn’t typically go to. If you’ve ever wanted to try something out of the box, take a look at events you must do once in your life below.

Poetry Event

For people who are lovers of words and deeper meanings, a poetry event is something worth trying at least once. It’s your chance to get inside the mind of a writer and see the world from a poet’s point of view. As both poetry and spoken word become more popular, a number of events are propping up around the U.K. It may be fun to go alone or bring a close friend along to share the experience with. Some of the best-spoken word and poetry literary nights are Jawdance, Hammer, and Tongue, as well as the European Poetry Festival.

See a Show in the West End

A well put together show can be nothing short of magical. This is something you should try and see at least once in your lifetime. The West End is an ideal place to see a show as it’s a home to art and creativity. Seeing as the Christmas holiday is fast approaching, you could think about looking for shows in December 2018 that are worth seeing.

Top Tip: Wicked and Motown the Musical also have positive reviews too.

The good thing is you can take your time to do research online and then pay when you’ve made a final decision.


Have you ever felt the vibrancy and energy of a festival? If not, you should add this to your list of events to try. Not only do they often have a great vibe, but they can also be tons of fun. You can find festivals on just about anything whether it be your love for cinema or your addiction to food. One festival to consider attending if you’re a music lover is the popular Lovebox which takes place in London in July.

Sports Event

Whether you happen to like sports or not, try attending at least one event. The excitement and energy that’s likely to emanate from the crowd is something you should experience. Seeing as football is one of the most popular sports in the UK, perhaps begin there. You may also enjoy watching tennis in Wimbledon as well.

There is a range of events that can cater to any interest you may have. Try pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and making the most of the opportunities that are available. Doing so could open you up to a more exciting and fulfilled life.

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