4 More Experiences to Keep the Mind Sharp

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In a previous article, we talked about the best 5 experiences that will help you gain a new perspective. You can try going on a trip with nothing but a backpack or signing up for a flying lesson; these experiences will certainly change the way you see things in life.

While getting a new perspective is a great thing to do, keeping the mind trained and active is just as important. There are simple things you can do to help keep the mind sharp and that is exactly what we are going to discuss in this article.

Go Back to School

Not many people consider this, but going back to school or pursuing a higher degree is actually good for the mind. You’ll be surprised by how well you can still remember things (and how much you can learn from the course) once you get started.

If you don’t want the extra burden, you can also take short courses and pick up new skills that may come in handy at work or in life. The free online courses from Coursera are a great option.

Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

It is not a secret that music can really help the brain expand. Learning to play a musical instrument like a piano or a guitar is a good practice for the mind too. While getting started may seem like a difficult thing to do, especially if you have no basics whatsoever, the course will get easier as you go along.

The best thing about learning to play a musical instrument is that you can always find the best music lessons NYC has to offer and have the teacher come to you at a time that suits. You’ll be able to learn to read music too.

Read More

This next tip is very simple: read more books, especially the kind you really enjoy. Thanks to smartphones and tablets, it is now easy to carry a book with you at all times. Whenever you have a few minutes of free time, spend it reading.

Non-fiction books are the best, mainly because they can also help you learn new things, but that doesn’t mean you can’t read your favorite fiction books too. Want to re-read the Harry Potter books from the start? Go for it!

Meet with Friends and Family

Meeting people and having social interactions are both great exercises for the brain. It also offers a healthy break from your everyday busy life. The next time you have a weekend off, call a few friends you haven’t met in a while and catch up while having a cup of coffee. Don’t forget to spend time visiting your parents and attending family gatherings too.

While these activities are simple and easy to try, their impacts on your mind are profound. If you’re serious about keeping the mind sharp and staying active, then these activities are definitely worth trying. As always, stay tuned right here on Previous Magazine for more well-being tips and tricks to help you have a fuller life.

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