Out Of The Comfort Zone – 5 Experiences For a New Perspective

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How often do you challenge yourself, push the boundaries, or step outside your comfort zone? It is often all too easy for us to fall into the daily routines of life – we work, pay the bills, go about our daily tasks and repeat. For many, staying in this comfort zone is a way of life – but have you ever considered stepping out of the box and doing something spontaneous, exhilarating and fun for once? Whilst we did that very much so as children, with the burdens and stresses of adult life, it can be quite a task to kick yourself into experiencing new things or doing something to form a new perspective. If you want to take that dive into something you have never done before, have a look at these 5 Experiences For A New Perspective!

  1. Travel The World With Nothing But A Backpack

Everyone has been on nice vacations, with the luxury of a 5 star hotel, concierge and room service at the click of a button. Whilst a relaxing vacation on a Villa is indeed one of life’s pleasures, it is nothing compared to actually packing one bag and scooting off into the unknown. Travelling the world with only a small handful of items, staying in hostels or even couchsurfing can be one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever encounter in your life. Through these backpacking travels, you will meet so many people who have different stories to tell, experience different cultures and realise how big, beautiful and wonderful this world really is – in the grand scheme of things, it’s not all about that concrete jungle and 9-5 days.

  1. Sign Up For A Course You Never Imagined You’d Be Able To Partake In

How many times have you been handed an opportunity, or seen an advertisement, only to think “I can’t do that”? Well, the simple answer to that is, you can. Learn how to Crochet, learn how to make the best desserts in town, or even sign yourself up at Soar Advanced Flight Training and learn how to be a pilot. If it sounds crazy and out of your box, then you know that this is the time to do it! As cliched as it sounds, nothing is ever impossible.

  1. Change Your Appearance

So often, people stick to looking a certain way because they believe that is what society expects of them. They believe they have to wear their hair a certain way, use specific brands of clothing and fit into the mould that generations have created for us. Whilst there are limitations to how much you can change your appearance based off what job you are in, this doesn’t stop you from making changes that are temporary or just for your own personal pleasure. Get that tattoo on your back that you always wanted, go from Brunette to Blonde or the other way round, use a fake nose ring and a wig on the weekends – do anything that makes you feel fun, different and young again.

  1. Get In Front Of A Crowd

Dare I say a large majority of us probably do not have the confidence or courage to get in front of a crowd and do our thing. But hey, why not recite a poem on the streets, perform spoken word, rock out with a guitar in the middle of the city? Being in front of a crowd can be extremely nerve-wrecking, but it is definitely an experience worth learning from. The more you step outside of your comfort zone the less nervous you’ll be to venture beyond it and the more liberated you will feel.

  1. Give Back To The Community

In a world of work, travel and overall stress saturation, it can be easy for us to forget about the ones around us who do not have the privileges that we are blessed with. Volunteer at an Aged Care Facility, buy lunch for a homeless person, listen to their stories and their life experiences. Often times, there is so much we can learn from these people, and so much that we end up realising that we take for granted. Why not go one step further and volunteer at a Cat or Dog shelter as well? The amount of joy it can bring your soul when you are giving back to the community is something that no price can be put on.


Engaging yourself in things that are out of your usual routine and comfort zone can indeed seem impossible and intimidating in the beginning, but it is guaranteed that you will find a new zest for life when you step out of your bubble and form new perspectives in your life. There are so many things to do, with so little time, so never waste a second and always live life to the fullest.

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