4 Signs That Your Marriage is Over

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Until death do us part? Unfortunately, these days a considerable number of marriages end after only a few years and not due to one person leaving this mortal coil!

Often, tell-tale signs emerge when a marriage is about to hit the rocks, and it benefits both people to heed the warning signs before things get really nasty.

If you think your partnership is less than blissful, here are 4 signs that your marriage is over.

You Don’t Like Being Alone Together

Do you find it strange and awkward when your kids leave the house, and you find yourself with nobody for company apart from your spouse?

If you no longer enjoy the company of your partner or find you have absolutely nothing in common or anything to talk about, then chances are, your relationship is dying.

It is common to feel a degree of boredom when you have been married for a long time. Still, if you dread the thought of being alone with your other half or don’t look forward to weekends, it is probably time to call a family lawyer such as Skyview Law and ask for some advice on divorce proceedings.

No Sexual Contact or Intimacy

Marriages need intimacy to survive; otherwise, couples drift apart and become more like flatmates. Sex helps cement emotional bonds and makes a marriage stronger.

At the start of a relationship, sex is usually spontaneous and abundant. As time goes by, it is normal for the frequency of sex to wane, especially if children come into the equation. However, if the sex becomes non-existent or you cannot stand the thought of making love with your partner, this indicates that your relationship needs some serious help.

Anger in Abundance

Do you find that your spouse is always angry at you or criticizes everything you do? This could be a sign that your partner has switched off and no longer desires you or enjoys your company.

Perhaps you find that everything your partner does annoys you – you hate the way they eat, the clothes they wear, or their quirks that were once endearing, set your teeth on edge. A marriage is over when you cannot bear the sight of each other – there is no quick fix once it gets to that stage.

Your Dreams About the Future Don’t Include Your Partner

Do you daydream about what you would like to do in the future? When the kids leave the nest, do you have plans to travel the world or retire to the country? Do these dreams include your partner? If not, then it’s time to accept that all is not well at home.

Around 40-50% of marriages end in divorce in the USA. It is nothing to be ashamed of if you both entered the partnership in good faith and loved each other.

Perhaps you still do love each other but aren’t ‘in’ love with each other and stay together for the sake of your children. Often, couples find that their relationship is healthier once they separate. Whatever your situation, get as much support and advice as possible if you wish to end your marriage, as it can be an emotional process.

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