Top 3 Modern Bathroom Radiators for Your Home

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When redesigning your bathroom, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to installing a brand-new modern radiator. With numerous options available online, you are somewhat spoiled for choice, but what is the best modern bathroom radiator for you? This will depend on your stylistic decisions, current décor and the size and shape of your bathroom. We have made things easy by listing the top 3 modern bathroom radiators for your home, so you can begin styling out your new bathroom with ease.

Compact Bathroom Radiators

Compact bathroom radiators are excellent for when space is at a premium. With the ability to fit into spaces that other bathroom radiators simply could not, you can conserve space by purchasing a small modern bathroom radiator that slides right under your windowsill, squeezes into that unassuming corner of your room, or simply fits in to what would be an otherwise cluttered environment. Save space, save the hassle, and find a compact bathroom radiator that really fits in.

Towel Rail Radiators

Towel rail radiators simply aren’t what they used to be. Now available in any shape, any size, and any style, you can enhance the feng shui of your bathroom by buying a towel rail radiator that reflects your personality. The colour options are immense when it comes to towel rail radiators. From neon bright tones, to muted pallet colour shades, you can either chose a bathroom radiator such as this that will stand out within your bathroom, or blend right into your chosen colour scheme. Towel rail radiators are also available with a stunning chrome finish, so you can have a towel rail radiator that absolutely shines. These also make fantastic kitchen radiators, so you can dry your towels and cloths with ease in more than one room in your home.

Designer Radiators

Designer radiators are all the rage, especially suited to those who are style orientated. The options are limitless when it comes to designer radiators, available in a whole multitude of styles. Anthracite grey radiators have become increasingly popular, with homeowners enhancing the aesthetic of their bathroom with a dark coloured, subtle heating appliance. Designer radiators can also feature original designs, without having to compromise on the heat output. With a wide range of finishes, designer radiators could just be the perfect thing for you. In a modern bathroom, you should be allowed to have as much creative licence as you like, and modern designer radiators certainly allow for this. Practicality meets efficiency with designer bathroom radiators, with features such as ladder designs, wall mounted frames and a whole range of other versatile elements that you can choose from.

When searching for a new modern bathroom radiator online, you should always use a radiator size search tool, which are easily accessible online. Additionally, bear in mind the BTU limitations, and make sure you do your research to ensure that your new heating appliance is suitable for the environment you wish to place it within.

Image Credits: James Hollingworth

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