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We do a lot to look after our health. We try to eat right, most of the time at least, and get plenty of exercise, but our homes, the places where we spend most of our time, could be undoing some of that hard work by not being quite as healthy as we would like.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few simple things we can all do to create healthier homes right now:

Perform routine maintenance

Doing things like having your boiler tested regularly and calling in a professional electrical service to check things over every year, can help to keep your home safer, and therefore, much healthier for you too. This is even more important if you suspect something may not be quite right.

Switch to soy candles

If you are someone who loves the romantic ambience of the wonderful aromas created by candles, then a very easy way to ensure your home is as healthy as possible is to simply switch to soy wax candles. Unlike paraffin candles, they do not release various harmful chemicals into the air, so you and your family can breathe a whole lot easier.

Harness the power of plants

Something else that will enable you to breathe cleaner air, and avoid various pollutants in the home is ensuring that you have some plants in every single room. Many houseplants can clean the air, and of course, they make the place look a lot more homely too. Oh, and they are good at lowering your stress levels, so if you often struggle to relax, houseplants are your best friend.

Make it a no-shoe zone

If you are a shoes-on household, then chances are you are tracking in lots of dirt and bacteria on your shoes, that will get into your carpets and potentially infect you or your family, especially young children who play m the floor. Taking your shoes off at the door and switching to slippers is, then, a great way to make your home a little bit healthier.

Switch to smaller plates

If you are someone who has been known to overindulge, and you have noticed that your waistline is starting to expand, one thing that can really help is buying smaller dinner plates.

When your dinner plates are smaller, it is easier to dish out more reasonable portions, and because your dinner still fills up the plate, it tricks your brain into thinking you have eaten just as much.


Clutter is bad for you. When your home is messy, your mind often follows and you can find it hard to relax, which is so vital for your mental wellbeing. Not only that, but dust gathers much more easily when you have lots of stuff in the house, and that can be bad news for your allergies. Declutter and your home will be so much healthier for it.

The healthier your home is, the healthier you will be too, so be sure to make as many healthy changes to your house as possible.

Image Credits: Michael Schwarzenberger

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