4 Things To Keep in Mind When Creating Video Content for Your Business

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 When creating online content that you share for your business, the most common goal businesses have is to get people to recognize their brand and connect with their product or service enough to want to work with them. And while you can achieve this goal with all types of online content, video content is a great way to cut through the clutter online and really make a mark in the minds of your target audience.

However, creating and posting video content just because likely won’t get you anywhere. To see success from this marketing avenue, you’ve got to put some time, effort, thought, and even money into the process.

For those businesses that haven’t ventured too far into the world of video creation, especially from a professional standpoint, you might feel very intimidated about creating this type of content. But luckily, there are a few key ways to elevate any video you create to make it more professional and more likely to get your desired results.

To help you get to this point with your own videos, here are four things to keep in mind as you create video content for your business.

Invest In Professional-Quality Equipment

To make business videos that will be taken seriously and will resonate with people for all the right reasons, you’ve got to make sure that the production of your videos is done at a professional level. Usually, this can’t be done by just shooting a video with your smartphone. Rather, you’ll need to invest in some professional-quality video equipment for both the audio and the video aspects of the content you’re creating.

Not only will using professional-quality equipment make your videos appear more professional to your viewers, but you’ll also feel more professional when creating the videos, which can be great for your confidence if you’re just starting out.

Storing a lot of video content can use a lot of drive space, so you might want to convert your H264 files to H265, but expect some degree of loss in quality. Try searching online for ‘convert to h265‘ to find different options.

Be Conversational

A video is meant to be an easy way for people to gain information or be entertained. Knowing this, you’ll want to be sure that the videos you make are approachable and engaging.

One way you can accomplish this is to have the person in your video be very conversational. While it’s always a good idea to have some sort of script, so you know what you want to say and can keep yourself on track, you don’t want to just read off of paper or cue cards, as this can give you a very robotic feel. Rather, get in front of the camera and speak just like you’re talking to someone who’s already interested in your company. Try to keep your eyes looking into the camera, smile while you’re speaking, and let your excitement for your business shine through in the energy you put out.

Opt For Shorter Videos

Most people don’t have the time or the desire to sit down and watch a long video when they’re cruising around online. Oftentimes, longer videos can actually be a negative point for your video content, before people even click on your video to start playing. As a result it’s wise to try to keep your videos short and sweet.

On the longer side, you should aim for videos that are ten to fifteen minutes. But for the majority of your videos, sticking to something closer to seven or eight minutes is ideal. Unless you get a big following that’s begging for a deeper dive into something, it’s best to keep your video content to these more palatable timeframes.

Pick An Enticing Thumbnail Image 

Once you have your video created and are getting ready to post it online, you’ll want to be very careful about what image you choose as your thumbnail.

When your video is posted online, the thumbnail image is often the first thing that someone will look at to decide if they want to watch that video or not. Because of this, you should start taking as much time to choose the thumbnail image as you would to craft the title of your video or other written content. This image is going to be just as important to the success of your video as the title.

If you’re just getting into creating video content for your business, using the tips mentioned above can help you get off on the right foot and start creating video content that will prove to be a real asset to your organization.

Image Credits: Sam McGhee

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