4 Tips and Tricks to Help Your Gondola Shelving Reach Its Fullest Potential

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The main goal of retail stores is to maximize sales. To do this, it’s necessary to have the right types of fixtures to display store merchandise until products are sold. A smart and practical way to achieve increased revenues is to implement gondola shelving. The versatility of this shelving enables retail managers to save space and keep costs down. These four tips and tricks will help retail stores use gondola shelving to its fullest potential.

Keep the Best Items at Eye Level for Gondola Shelving Success

One of the main advantages of gondola shelving is versatility. The numerous configurations of these shelving units make it easy to place select items at certain levels. The modular nature of gondola shelving lets a store showcase the best items at eye level. Since most customers like to shop with ease and pleasure, merchandise first seen by customers will have a higher likelihood of selling faster. Gondola shelving can be used to promote impulse shopping. Merchandise geared toward children can be kept on lower shelves children are likely to come across first. Retails stores can use gondola shelving for sale to get the best display options for store merchandise.

Use Clip Strips to Maximize Gondola Shelving Potential

Increase the potential of gondola shelving by using clip strips. This retail product display offers the chance to use plastic or metal strips that are available in varying lengths. A clip strip with hooks or clips can be used with flexibility to move selected merchandise from place to place easily. Clip strips enable retail stores to use cross-merchandising benefits by placing products that customers often use together, such as placing hand towels next to bathroom accessories. Also, using clip strips prevents the need for extra shelving that may not be entirely used. This saves on shelving costs.

Utilize the Gondola Endcap to Highlight Selected Products

Marketing is about catching the customer’s attention. A clever way to do this is by displaying selected products on the gondola endcap. Utilizing gondola endcaps provides convenience and accessibility. Customers that may avoid certain aisles often stop to view endcap displays. Retail stores can display products on gondola endcaps to increase the chances of shoppers browsing down aisles they would likely avoid otherwise. Exhibiting high-margin products and items with a broad appeal is a smart way to generate greater profits.

Employ Grills to Create Versatile Gondola Shelving Displays

Using shelving grills lets retail stores display merchandise of different heights. The shelving grills can easily be detached and reattached so correct display set-up is achieved sooner. Smaller items can be stacked on tops of one another to save space. Shelving grills are typically metal, offering sturdiness and safety benefits. Product information, such as pamphlets or fliers, can neatly be placed on shelving grills to enhance customer education. Grills also make it simple to zone. Fronting products on grills makes it easier for customers to make contact with merchandise. In addition, grills offer the chance to better organize merchandise so it’s more attractive to customers.

By using these four suggestions, retail store employees can systematically display merchandise with flexibility and time-saving techniques. Gondola shelving has been the backbone of retail store display for decades. Understanding the qualities and strengths of this display fixture helps achieve the desired goals of retail store owners.

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