7 Tips to Running a Successful eCommerce Business

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eCommerce is one of the most important industries in the age of information, but it’s also a difficult concept to master. Doing eCommerce right is the key to making sales and succeeding in business. Here are seven tips to help you run a successful eCommerce business. There are many eCommerce platforms available today and you have to decide the right platform for your products. You need to do some research on Etsy vs eBay to know which one is better for you.

1. Choose a Product

Choosing the right products is the first step to running a successful eCommerce business. It’s important to pick a product you’re knowledgeable about and interested in selling, but also one that has a place in today’s market. Just remember, finding the right product is a learning process that may take some time and a few mistakes along the way.

2. Focus on Your Brand

In addition to choosing a product, you also need to focus on branding. There are tons of eCommerce businesses on the internet, so you need to do something to set yourself apart from the crowd. Use your brand to identify with consumers and what they do and don’t like, and make sure you have strong branding present throughout your business website.

3. Hire an Accountant

The money side of running a business can be difficult, so you might want to hire an accountant to help. Hiring eCommerce accountants means you don’t have to worry about the financial side of your business—or the potential mistakes you could make—so you have more time to focus on the product and what you can do to sell it. Plus, accountants make your life much easier when it comes to tax time and keeping you in compliance. This big-picture thinking is what allows you to grow your business over time.

4. Hire a Web Designer

If you’re having trouble building a good eCommerce website or improving your search engine rankings, consider hiring a web designer to create a website for you. Not only does hiring a professional get you a better website, but a well-coded website will also help you improve search engine rankings. If you want to do things yourself, you can always use a service like Squarespace to build your own custom website with no programming knowledge.

5. Advertise

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You need to get your name out there if you want to sell products, which means investing money in advertising. Google AdSense is a popular choice when it comes to advertising, but you’ll get the best results from working with professionals. An advertising agency can help create a custom plan that works for your business and includes multiple types of targeted advertising.

6. Use a Sales Funnel

The sales funnel is a common term used in marketing to describe the purchasing process from start to finish. The sales funnel begins with the customer being aware of your product, then showing interest in the product. Next, the customer makes a decision regarding your product before finally taking action. Focus on creating a sales funnel through your advertising efforts and your website. If this whole concept sounds a little confusing to you, you can always hire a marketing company.

7. Think Like the Customer

When you’re trying to sell a product, you need to put yourself in the mind of the consumer. Customers want to pay a reasonable price for a product that lives up to their expectations. Your customers probably don’t want to feel like you’re trying too hard to sell them a product, either. Think about you look for as a consumer and apply that to your own customers.

eCommerce businesses are a great way to make money when you do it right, but that success depends on a lot of factors. You need to get help when you need it, build your brand, and focus on the product if you want to succeed in the world of eCommerce.

Image Credits: Carlos Muza, Kate Trysh

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