4 Tips to Help You Style Your Staycation This Summer

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Very few people are going to be able to head off on a summer holiday abroad this year due to the current events. This means that more people are opting for staycations in order to protect themselves and save some money at the same time. While you won’t necessarily need bikinis and swimming costumes for your staycation, you will still want to look great.

In this article, we are going to give you some of our tips to help you style your staycation this summer. Use these tips to look amazing.

Get Some Inspiration

If you have never had a staycation before then you might be wondering what the fashion rules are. The truth is that there are no strict rules, you can wear whatever you want. Of course, you can find plenty of inspiration online from fashion bloggers and brands who are embracing the staycation experience and are setting out some trends. Use social media channels like Instagram to get some tips and find your perfect staycation style this summer.

Pick Up Some Sandals

One of the hottest trends this summer for those who are opting for a staycation is sandals. If you live in the south of England, then you will probably still be experiencing extremely hot weather and will want to be comfortable and stylish. Sandals with plenty of detail like these from dunelondon.com will be the perfect addition to your staycation wardrobe. Pair these with a nice sundress and you’ll look amazing.

Find Large Hats

Large hats that cover your entire head have always looked great in the summer so why not pick up one of these for your staycation? Not only does the large hat bring your entire look together but it also is extremely on trend right now. You can find many brands that are selling these hats so make sure to take a look. While bucket hats are typically on trend in the summer for staycations, we suggest a larger one this year to be on trend.

Use Prints

The next style tip that we have for those who want to rock their staycation this summer is to use prints to your advantage. Animal print is in this season and there are plenty of items that you can wear with this kind of design. On top of that, we have seen lots of brands creating animal print jackets and bags so you can wrap up if your staycation isn’t going to have great weather. Make sure to find some prints that suit you.

Be Brave

Finally, you should make sure that you are brave this summer in your fashion choices. Sure, you can keep on top of the latest trends but if you have never had a staycation before then this will be a new experience for you. Be bold with your outfit choices and don’t be afraid to wear something that you wouldn’t usually wear. As long as you are protecting yourself and not getting too close to others, you will look great and have the best possible staycation this summer in the UK.

Get Shopping

Now is the time to head online and pick up some new pieces for your summer staycation wardrobe. Think about the kind of weather that you’ll encounter on your staycation and buy some pieces to wear. Think about everything from your shoes to your patterns and don’t forget to protect yourself. This is your chance to have a great staycation so why not do some online shopping and look great whilst doing it?

Image Credits: Kevin Bidwell

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