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Online shopping is a part of our culture now. Even established brick and mortar stores or brands have made themselves available for online shopping. It brings forth convenience in terms of saving time, energy, and even costs. Some rare items are even found online. It can get pretty addicting to many, too. We can now shop for tech, toiletries, home stuff, snacks, toys, clothes, and more online. Various payment options are offered so the flexibility of the shopping experience is truly enticing. Even the delivery destination and schedule can be customized or requested. Almost everyone who has access to the Internet has experienced online shopping at some point by now.

But consumption can be quite an indulgence that may leave you with a slight tinge of guilt. Should you wish to shop for a cause to lessen that guilt, it is possibly so through the likes of Plain Los Angeles. Plain LA is not your typical apparel online shopping website. Plain LA has an advocacy (a corporate social responsibility rather) wherein it donates to tree planting causes for every customer order. The home page of the site shows a tree counter indicating how much trees they have helped plant thanks to the donations from customer orders. According to their site, its mission is “to make customers more environmentally conscious and give them an opportunity to help save our environment.” Plain LA uses #PlainLovesEarth as it is very passionate with its green advocacy.

It is not every day we see this kind of an ecommerce player. Other ecommerce companies may have their advocacies, too, but Plain’s is not only about donations. It also promotes a minimalist fashion lifestyle by being “plain.” Its tagline “Be Plain. Wear Plain.” is about using and implementing a minimalist lifestyle through simple wear and simple yet quality accessories. Think of Zuckerberg or Jobs who are into simple casual attire in order to save them time and energy. These two made their monotonous simple casual wear their identity when they actually just didn’t want to waste time thinking about what to wear since they have more important things to think about as corporate leaders. Marie Kondo may be proud of them.

The brand also offers eco-friendly products like the natural bamboo wood watch and reusable water bottles. Through its products, it is subtly promoting green living opportunities to its customers. It also tries to offer products that are of necessity during various seasons like the current pandemic we’re experiencing. Plain LA is selling hand soap, organic sanitizer, and masks.

On the shopping experience, there are a lot of good reviews for the products on their site. Got our hands on their minimalist wallet and it’s pretty nifty indeed. The aesthetic also makes it a pleasing product to have. Various color options are there and prices vary depending on the color. For shipping, it took 5 days with no hiccups. This is a pretty giftable item, too. Since we’re all going to be stuck at home for a while, we recommend checking their site. They deliver straight to every doorstep. Various payment options are available. Customer service chat is responsive as well. Nice to know that orders can be tracked and refunded.

Though Plain Los Angeles just launched last year (2019), it has already achieved quite a few milestones as stated in their website. The team behind it consists of young individuals who are adamant in the brand cause. When quality products, advocacy, and good customer service are harmoniously mixed, a company will thrive indeed. We’re quite excited to see how this young brand will fare and what more awesome products they will offer as they allow customers to shop with less guilt thanks to their advocacy. If every shopping brand had an active and transparent corporate social responsibility, consumption won’t be too much of a guilt now. But of course, everything in moderation is best for our pockets and best for everyone else.

Have you experienced shopping at Plain Los Angeles before? Do share your thoughts or experience with them or their products below. Would love to hear about it. Plain LA is active on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Best to check them there for updates.

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4 years ago

Plain has an awesome tee collection! Simple designs but the fabric is superb quality, soft and breathable.