4 Ways to Make Your Home Low Maintenance

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When the weekend comes around, you want to enjoy your home, not be spending lots of time on cleaning, maintenance and other tasks. That’s why it’s worth looking at ways to make your home lower maintenance, and there are a number of items you can buy or install that cut down on the time you have to spend on chores.

  1. Opt for easy to clean surfaces

If you want to make cleaning easy, even after a nasty spill, opt for surfaces that are as smooth and easy to clean as possible. Tiles are perfect for this purpose, and if you shop at https://www.ambertiles.com.au/, you’ll find a range of floor and wall tiles for different rooms of your home. Tiles are hardwearing, easy to clean, and simply need re-grouting every few years to keep them looking fresh and new.

  1. Automate your home

Nowadays, there are more gadgets than ever that let you sit back and relax while the housework is done for you.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are perhaps one of the best-known home cleaning gadgets. There are lots of different models, from inexpensive to impressive options with lots of cleaning modes. If you hate hoovering, you simply let it run around, finding the crumbs on its own before returning to its charger.

Some other gadgets include:

  • Air purifiers – if you hate dust, these gadgets remove it from the air, so you spend less time with a feather duster
  • Robot mops – if the vacuum robot isn’t enough, a robot mop provides a wet clean and has your floor sparkling
  • An electric scrubber – if you hate scrubbing surfaces, an electric scrubber does the hard work, with no elbow grease needed

Sadly, there’s no gadget that can scrub your home for you, but there are certainly lots of timesaving devices that can help with the day to day stuff.

  1. Avoid gutter blockage

If there’s one job that all homeowners hate, it’s gutter cleaning. You have to climb a ladder and deal with all the accumulated gunk and leaves to keep your gutters clear. Up until now, this was necessary, as debris from trees can block gutters and cause damage, so homeowners either had to do the job, or pay a fortune for a professional to do it.

You can avoid yearly gutter maintenance by choosing gutters that don’t need cleaning. This new style of guttering is cleverly designed with a small opening, so rain can filter through, yet is too narrow for debris such as leaves to get inside, so no more trips up the ladder.

  1. Cut down on gardening time

Gardens can easily take up huge amounts of time, so keep things simple. Hard landscaping is much easier to look after than large flowerbeds or an oversized lawn, and simply needs a clean with a pressure washer. Consider getting a professional landscaper to design a low-maintenance garden to suit your lifestyle.

Owning a home shouldn’t mean endless cleaning and chores. Pick low maintenance options and install time saving devices to make your life easier and maximise relaxation time.

Image Credits: Becca Tapert

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