Why Spray-Knockdown Texture is Your Best Pool Deck Resurfacing Option

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The pool deck is not just the area that simply surrounds the pool basin. It’s a lot more than that. It’s a design element in itself for the swimming pool area. It’s the hardscape that defines the landscaping of the backyard. It’s also a space for leisure and relaxation when you want to enjoy the outdoors. If you see the point, then you probably agree that you shouldn’t look past the pool deck when it comes to making improvements. Fortunately, we have pool deck resurfacing to meet the demands of an outdoor environment both in the aspects of aesthetics and function. When it comes to pool deck resurfacing there are many overlays and coatings available in the market. But the question is: Which one is the most ideal? In this article, we discuss why spray knockdown texture is your best option.

What is Spray Knockdown Texture?

Spray Knockdown Texture is one of the many and wide varieties of polymeric concrete coatings in the resurfacing industry. The application process is what sets this particular coating apart from the others. The coating material is loaded into a hopper gun and is spray broadcasted onto the concrete surface appearing as globules. A trowel is used to knock down the globules to create a textured surface hence the term “knocked” down.

This particular type of coating is well-known for the qualities that make it the most ideal for application on outdoor concrete surfaces. It is the leading polymer-based coating for resurfacing pool decks, patios, driveways, walkways and more. Whether it be for commercial or residential settings, spray knockdown texture is applied to achieve a safe, functional surface without sacrificing decorative qualities.

Spray Knockdown Texture for Pool Decks

This polymer-based coating possesses a multitude of qualities that make it your best pool deck resurfacing option. The most notable qualities are:

Cool To The Feet Pool Deck Surface

Unless your swimming pool area is located indoors, this quality proves to be quite useful. Outdoor pool decks are exposed to constant sun exposure and can scald bare feet. With spray knockdown texture, you can have an outdoor pool deck that stays cool and comfortable to walk on even with bare feet.

Slip-Resistant Texture

The swimming pool area can be quite slippery with all the water splashing around. Because of this, the pool deck requires a safe surface to minimize risks and unwanted accidents. Spray Knockdown Texture directly addresses this issue with its slip-resistant texture. Aside from this added feature on concrete, it might be worthwhile to look at G&B Quality Cedar Products for decking reconstruction.


In the environment of a pool area, there is always the looming threat of mold and mildew but not with Spray Knockdown Texture. The non-porous finish of this concrete coating makes the pool deck impermeable to water. This inhibits mold and mildew growth because a non-porous and waterproof surface does is not suitable for these to thrive.

Other Benefits of Spray Knockdown Texture

  • Applicable in any and all outdoor environments. Whether it be in a high vehicle and foot traffic area or areas exposed to pool water and chemicals you can count on this coating.
  • Gives concrete surfaces impermeability. The coatings seals in the porous surface of the concrete providing an impenetrable coating. This prevents oil, dirt, liquid or other chemicals from permeating the surface.
  • Provides a cool surface even under long periods of sun exposure. Spray knockdown texture stays cooler longer compared to concrete, brick pavers or tiles when exposed to the heat of the sun.
  • Provides function as well as aesthetics. It is known as one of the most durable concrete coatings available in the decorative market.

The Application Process

The concrete surface or substrate is inspected for any existing coatings, sealers or other chemical residues. The contractor will then choose a method to open up the substrate in preparation for the coating application. This ensures that the coating material adheres properly to the concrete.

The mixture is prepared on-site before being loaded in a hopper gun. The spray broadcasting method is used to dispense the coating mixture onto the substrate or concrete surface. The globs of coating material are then knocked down with a trowel. Finally, a sealer is applied to the finished surface to give it a protective top layer.

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