Backyard Remodeling Ideas: Transform Your Patio with 7 Simple Steps

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No matter how well-designed your home is, your outdoor space always needs some freshening up. So, make sure to give your backyard a littler remodel with these few simple patio transformation ideas that will breathe a new life into your outdoor seating area.

Create shade

If your backyard is surrounded by a lot of greenery, you have nothing to worry about other than a little bit of maintenance, which if you’re not sure how to do yourself, consider searching for local experts with searches like ‘Monterey expert tree maintenance‘. If you’re not blessed with trees and bushes, you’ll definitely need some shade for those hot summer days. If you want to go big, you can cover your patio with a pergola for a very classy and elegant look or you can go a little more modern and choose practical shade sails, or even a custom pergola. Pergola hardware will cost you very little and achieve a big effect. Both will provide you with protection from the elements and some extra style.

Add some interesting lighting

If you want to give your simple outdoor seating area a cheap and easy makeover, tackle your lighting. Grab some bistro lights to set the atmosphere and put a few candles or lanterns on your table. These will cost you very little and achieve a big effect. If you have space, you can even invest in a practical fire pit for roasting marshmallows and chilling in the evening.

Surround it with greenery

If you don’t have a lush backyard, you might want to consider adorning your patio with some flowers and greenery. A few potted plants will not only add color and freshness to your space, but also make it more private and cozy. Some bamboo or arborvitae in big planters will not only require very little care but also provide you with plenty of privacy. When you’re surrounded with greenery, you’ll instantly relax and feel better about the day. In case you have a notoriously black thumb, pick plants that don’t require a lot of care.Stamped concrete, outdoor rug and patio furniture

Boost warmth

No matter if you live in Australia or Norway, evenings can often be too chilly to spend outdoors. Luckily, if you fill your space with a few warming items, you’ll get to feel much cozier at your patio. The easiest way to boost comfort and warmth is to tackle your flooring. Grab a gorgeous outdoor rug and your patio will instantly look and feel warmer and homier. And if you choose an interesting pattern, you will even get to add some visual interest to the space! Combine your rug with some throw pillows for your seating and voila—a stylish and cozy patio. If you really have cold evenings, you can consider installing a patio heater and enjoy your outdoor space almost all year round!

Bring art to the space

If you want your patio to be an extension of your home, it definitely deserves some art. While your greenery and flowers might be gorgeous, you can boost the beautiful vibe with a few art pieces that fit the overall design. No matter how small your patio is, you can always find a piece of wall, a little unused corner or some empty space on the table to fill with art.

Don’t forget to add a few small comforts

If you want to spend more time outside, you need to make it both cozy and practical, so don’t forget to install a few small everyday comforts. For instance, there’s nothing better than spending lazy afternoons on your patio with a glass of cold beer or fresh juice, so designate a spot for a mini-fridge. Stock it with beer, juice and plenty of ice and you won’t have to hit the kitchen every time you need refreshment. Also, consider adding some Bluetooth speakers that will be perfect for outdoor parties and romantic evenings for two.

Boost safety

If your patio is lifted from the ground, make sure to equip it with some sturdy handrails and well-lit stairs. Accidents happen, so it’s better to keep everyone safely on the patio. Also, surround the space with paved paths with plenty of lighting, so you can safely exit your patio and take an evening walk around your garden. Proper safety lighting also keeps the burglars away, so it’s a win-win situation.

Pick any of these easy and quick transformation tips and you’ll rush to spend some time outside relaxing and enjoying the fresh air in your new and improved seating area. Get ready for many sunny outdoor days and lazy evenings!

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