Make Your Money Go Further with These Five Smart Home Improvements

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In case you have been saving up to complete your overdue home improvement project, and would like to prioritize the tasks, you need to put the money where your mouth is. Make sure that your home remodeling doesn’t only make you feel better at home, but also adds value to your house, increasing its resale or rental value. While you might not be thinking about moving right now, you will one day have to sell and make the most out of your investments. Read our guide to value added home improvements below.

  1. Extra Rooms

If you can add even a small extra room, you can impress buyers and have more storage. No matter if you create a small utility room in the back, or enclose a home office to work from your house every now and then, an extra room can increase the value of your house. While you will need to spend a few months on planning and getting a permit for building, your investment will pay off long term.

  1. New Kitchen

Nobody wants to move into a home with an outdated kitchen with a broken tap. These days you can get a cheap ready made cabinet unit for a low price. If you are good at DIY, you can complete the installation yourself. Make sure you add quality finish and create easy to clean surfaces, so your new kitchen is not only looking good, but also is practical. Renovate it with the future trends in mind.

  1. Bathroom

Bathrooms are important for every member of the family. You like relaxing in a hot bath, listening to your favorite music, having a glass of wine by the light of candles. If you are not impressed when you see your floor and tiles in the new light, it is time to decide on a new design. In case your bathroom is too cold, you might need to upgrade your heating. Check for the latest designs and energy efficient units.

  1. En Suite Room

En Suite Room

Investing money in your home is a challenge. You want to make it more livable, and at the same time make your money give you a great return. If you can make one of the rooms en suite, your home will be more appealing for families who are looking to enjoy the privacy of their bedrooms. You will need to find a professional plumber to complete the work, and might need extra heating and doors installed, but overall the project will be a good investment.

  1. Orangery or Conservatory

People like enjoying the outdoors without being cold. If you have a landscaped garden, you can connect with it through a conservatory or orangery. You can store your party dining accessories, as well as your plants in the new room, and hold great parties during the summers to come.


Investing in your home is always a good idea. If you want to be smart about renovations, make sure you increase the rental and resale value of your house while making it more pleasant to live in.

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