Where Should You Invest Money in Your Home?

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If you’ve saved up some money to give your home a long-awaited facelift, you’re probably wondering which room you should tackle. Perhaps you want to invest in the kitchen of your dreams or swap old carpets for modern hardwood floors. When it comes to spending money on home improvements, we’ve asked the experts exactly where to splurge.

Choose new flooring

Those who want to take it easy with their renovations need only to swap existing flooring for a more contemporary trend. Not only is this one of the most affordable improvements, but it will create a noticeable change in your home. This is certainly something to consider if you’re planning on putting your home up for sale in the near future, as hardwood flooring is actually the number one request for prospective homeowners.

Update the kitchen

Where Should You Invest Money in Your Home? 3

Why not use some of that budget to finally get the kitchen of your dreams? The kitchen is the heart of the home so arguably this the most valuable renovation you can go for, particularly if you open up the area to include an island to create the ultimate social space. A brand new kitchen is said to add about 6% onto the value of your property’s total value, and prospective buyers are more likely to pay more for homes with a new kitchen as they know it will end up saving them a lot of hassle.

Add some kerb appeal

Just because you’re updating your home’s interior doesn’t mean you can neglect the outside. Improvements to your exterior can virtually guarantee that you’ll recoup almost the entire cost, bringing a greater return on your investment. Consider new decking or hiring a professional garden landscaper to create head-turning kerb appeal. Even less dramatic exterior changes such as a new front door can even help to create a good first impression.

Splurge on the bathroom

A bathroom can say a lot about your home, so you want to make sure that all appliances are up to date and that fittings have a contemporary finish. If everything is in working order and you just need a new aesthetic, start with surfaces before making your way up to fittings, lighting and finally furnishings to add that finishing touch. You’ll be surprised at just how much a few updates here and there can make all the difference – without blowing your budget.

Consider lighting

You should never underestimate the power of good lighting in your home, nor should you fail to make the most of natural light. If your space is small, it may be worth investing in bi-fold doors that will allow for an easy transition between two rooms. Companies such as Bi-Fold Shop have a range of folding doors to suit any home. Once you’ve made the most of your savings, interior lighting can be a relatively inexpensive undertaking, and there are plenty of modern designs out there that not only create the perfect atmosphere but can stand as a focal point in the room.

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