5 Best Recession-Proof Jobs That Will Keep You Afloat

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While everyone loves a booming economy, it will not always be a green pasture. In the ideal world, budgets are high, and work opportunities are abundant. On the other hand, the reality is bleak, with the high unemployment rate made worse. Good thing that not all jobs are equal, and there are indeed recession-proof jobs you can take.

The economic cycle will always exist. Booms are worth basking in, but we must never forget that slow-downs and dips will eventually follow. The downright economic depression will cost the businesses to limit their operational costs. If things don’t look up, they have to let go of some employees.

Fortunately, some jobs are essential, no matter where the economy is heading. Someone has to do them. This type of job will save you from the economic ups and downs.

Here is the list of jobs that will give you a stable salary even in the face of recession.

Best Recession-Proof Jobs

Financial Related Services

One thing people will always need is businesses giving financial services. These businesses can be found online by searching for things like ‘moneylender woodlands’ or ‘money lender Singapore review’. You can also consider companies offering remittance services, collection agencies, accounting firms, and insurance companies.

One of the positions you can easily acquire is to be an agent. They are responsible for calling the clients, verifying information, and ensuring that they are valid. Some positions needed professional certifications, such as Certified Public Accountant and Financial Analyst.


Investing in education is something parents will never be willing to let go of. It is why jobs in primary, secondary, and higher education will always be available. Even if there is a pandemic, teaching positions will still have to do their jobs online.

While traditional instructors would need classroom setups, recent events have proven that we can now move to online arrangements via video calls and interactive modules. The world may have stopped, but children’s education needs are always fast-growing. Parents are always eager to ensure that their kids still get the best education making education services flexible.

You may not possess a teaching license, but you could be a personal tutor to help students catch up. All you need is a laptop and a stable internet connection. If you are having a hard time looking for private clients, you can apply to tutorial companies.

Health Care Provider

Being a health care provider does not mean you have to be a doctor or a nurse. Hospitals and clinics need to hire staff other than physicians and nurses. There is still a high demand for doctor’s assistants, medical technicians, nursing aides, and even hospital administrators. If you are considering a career right now, you can look into these professions.

On the other hand, healthcare facilities always need receptionists, public-relations officers, and janitors. Of course, not all people in the medical field will have recession-proof jobs. The exclusion is cosmetic surgeons. There are likely fewer people who would need a tummy tuck or facelift.

Hospice Worker

Even during recessions, we still have to take care of the elderly. Elders in hospice homes would always need assistance and care physically and mentally. Hospice care is a specialized form of service that many are not comfortable taking up as a job. If you think you can handle taking care of people at this stage of their life, it’s something to consider. Not many can handle this job since it requires a strong physique and mental health.

If you are good with elderlies, then this career is good for you. You would have to ensure that you follow their diet and medications. It is quite a challenging recession-proof job but highly worth it.

Fire Fighter and Law Enforcers

Firefighters and law enforcers deal with emergencies that even recessions can’t stop from occurring. There will always be a vacancy for these. As years go by, there has been an established relationship between crime rates and economic status.

Remember that one of the priorities in a community is safety. Thus, having a career as a firefighter or law enforcer will let you keep a job.

Delivery Services

Do you know one of the most in-demand jobs during the pandemic? It’s the door-to-door courier service provider. Though people can’t go out of their homes, they still had to run errands, buy groceries, and order food they are craving. There is not much difference even during a recession without pandemics. Though the economy is down, people still need this service’s convenience every time they do online shopping.

And since there is an increase in work-from-home work models, people are now more accustomed to getting most of their necessities right at their doorsteps.

Worst Jobs During Recession

There is no job that is recession-proof though those listed above are likely to be the last to let go of. However, some jobs will always be affected during an economic downturn. If you are still considering a career to take, you need to think about its stability. Here are some jobs that are not recession-proof.

Printing Services

We are now living in a digital generation. Printing service has become unessential as people start saving documents on their devices. There is a significant decline in business card printing, bookbinding, and brochures. Bigger shops have more equipment costs and are more likely to layoff their employees during an economic downturn.

Travel Service

During a recession, traveling is a luxury many will not afford. Nowadays, people opt for staycations instead of going away to a far place. It’s cheaper, and they no longer have to spend on gas or tickets.

Construction Service

Projects in this industry are usually large-scale and depend on various factors like materials, contractors, roofers, carpenters, and electrician fees. It highly depends on other industries like the cement manufacturer and lumber producers.

The way recessions affect industries, companies, and the job is always unpredictable. But your finances will have more stable if you have a career that can still flourish amidst the economic downfall.

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