3D Printing and Small Businesses: What Are the 4 Core Opportunities That Present Themselves?

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3D printing has become a huge business over the last few years, with companies popping up all over the place to create anything and everything from weapons, car parts, and human prosthetics to entire buildings and houses; the world is literally limitless with possibilities.

However, if you’re thinking of starting your own 3D printing business, you’ll want to look at what opportunities present themselves, and what kind of avenues you could follow. In today’s guide, we’re going to look at four of the best opportunities you may want to consider.

  1. Repairing and Maintaining Products

Products have problems all the time, whether it’s parts going wrong, things breaking, or just the general wear and tear of daily use wearing the parts out, there comes a time where things need to be maintained and eventually replaced. This occurs in everything from factory machines to cars, but with the introduction of 3D printing, this has never been easier.

At a custom request, you can create parts for companies that could take them ages to ship in or would otherwise be unavailable or far too expensive to purchase as an individual part. For advice on contacting businesses, marketing, and growing your business, check out websites like bullpreneur.

  1. Company Prototype Creation

There are plenty of companies out there that are designing and manufacturing products, but one of the key stages of design is developing prototypes of their product to ensure they work and they create the experience they’re intended for. However, developing and building prototypes can be expensive, that was until 3D printing.

With a 3D printing service, you can build and print prototypes for companies for much more affordable prices than ever before, and even if the company wants to make a slight change to the design, implementing and redesigning the product is this way is easy and doesn’t cost too much.

  1. Creating Promotional Goods for Companies

Offering customers promotional goods is a great way to attract customer attract and garner interest for a brand, but so many companies and customers are bored with novelty items like t-shirts and cups. However, with the introduction of 3D printing, there’s now the opportunity for a whole new line of products.

From small figurines to custom, limited-edition packaging options, there are limitless opportunities as to what you could create here. Here are some examples as to what you could create.

  1. Creating Your Own Products

Of course, while you could make a living 3D printing products and parts of other companies, there’s no reason why you couldn’t create your own. If you have any idea for any product, you can create it using a 3D printing machine. You could sell these online via your own online store, or via a monthly subscription box package, which is an incredibly popular to sell items.


There’s an endless realm of possibilities when it comes to 3D printing, and the only limit is truly your imagination. Whether you’re growing and expanding your business online or in your local area, do your research to see what’s out there are being offered already, and then create something new, or improve on a service that you know you could do better. Either way, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of these amazing new technological opportunities.

Image Credits: Ines Álvarez Fdez

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