5 Dazzling Packaging Design Trends For 2021

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Following a year of uncertainty after the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re on the right track back to normality. With many businesses having struggled to operate during the lockdown, brands have been doing what they can to adapt their approach and make the most from the situation. The competitive field has meant it’s more important than ever to stand out and reach customers, so this year has seen some great trends emerge to take packaging to the next level.

In store experiences

For businesses with physical stores, putting extra touches into their packaging can go a long way. We’ve seen a rise in the creativity of custom paper bags, with fun designs and luxury finishes being utilised to create a more premium feel and increase brand recognition. For more high-end offerings, using branded tissue paper and stickers can add those extra special final touches. Extra ways to encourage purchases include free gifts with orders over a certain amount or even the upgrade to a reusable canvas bag design instead of a paper or plastic bag.

The year of colour blocking

Consumers are loving the colour block trend which is taking over home décor, fashion and artworks, so many businesses have hopped on board and included it within their packaging. The use of block colours in unique designs is a great way to grab attention and create a contemporary appearance, with the option to include new textures in each section for additional wow-factor. The more abstract and colourful, the better the final look!

Eco-friendly switches

Now more than ever, consumers and businesses are both needing to do their part to reduce environmental footprints, minimising single use packaging which is harming our planet and wildlife. We have seen many brands transforming their packaging to fun yet eco-friendly designs which can be either reused or recycled after use. Some more unique approaches have been integrated into campaigns, such as being able to plant the packaging to grow seeds or using biodegradable materials which can dissolve on contact with water.

A sense of order

There’s nothing we love more than organisation and aesthetics, so this year we have seen some great shelf displays. Many brands have used their label design to add some consistency in the range, creating an overall image as the products are lined up next to each other. As well as catching our eye and pleasing our perfectionist traits, it is a great way for brands to maximise their impact and bring their entire range together.

Including story time

Feeling connected to a brand is inevitably going to lead to more loyal customers, so businesses are getting their audience involved in their operations. We’ve seen some effective story telling activity, ranging from local farmers sourcing ingredients all the way to brand characters who are adored by children. As well as the communications produced by the business, we’ve seen brands liaising with their customers to help with latest innovation, suggesting their new flavour combinations or helping with product ranges to get everyone involved in the latest campaigns.

Image Credits: Tarah Dane

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