5 Different Software Solutions To Improve Business Productivity

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Productivity is always a sticking point for most businesses. Ideally, you want to maximize the number of productive working hours in a day. The more productive you are, the more work you get done. In theory, this should translate to better results for your company.

Think about it, if you’re spending hours a day doing nothing, you’re unlikely to help your company make money. With that in mind, how can you improve business productivity?

A handful of ideas spring to mind, but the answers lie in software solutions. That’s right, utilizing different software programs can help your company unlock new levels of productivity. What type of software should you use? It varies from business to business, and here are a few different ideas to get your brain ticking over:

Email automation software

Did you know that the average employee spends 28% of work time handling emails? That’s over a quarter of their work, and a lot of this time is spent reading and replying to basic emails. Needless to say, there’s an easy way to reduce this figure and free up more time to be productive elsewhere.

The secret is email automation software. Here, you have software that can take your email clients and handle many tasks for you. This includes opening emails from people, scanning them, and sending out automated responses. It’s a genius way of replying to customers or sending out appointment reminders to clients. There are so many things a good email automation software solution can do that will boost productivity in your company.

Cloud office software suites

An office software suite is something like Google Docs or Office 365. Effectively, you have access to a range of applications to help you produce anything from spreadsheets to slideshows or word documents. Pretty standard stuff, right? And, something you expect every business will require.

Cloud office software suites take this concept to another level. Instead of one person having access to these applications, a whole team of people can join in. Everyone is able to collaborate and make changes or edits to different projects in real time. This improves productivity by cutting out many steps in the collaboration process. Instead of writing a document, emailing it to someone, waiting for them to read it, and then getting it back with their changes, you can edit it together. It saves valuable minutes that add up over time.

OEE software

When you tackle business productivity, you have to be aware of where you lose most of your time. In many businesses, it all boils down to your equipment. You use a variety of equipment or machines to conduct your daily work. If they aren’t optimized, your productivity will drop as you’re constantly tweaking settings or checking to see why something isn’t working.

Here, you can use an OEE software solution to boost productivity and reduce downtime. For those that don’t know, OEE stands for Overall Equipment Effectiveness. These software solutions specifically look at your equipment and analyze how it can be more effective. Changes can be made, tweaks can be done, and you are left with equipment that’s vastly more efficient and productive.

Accounting software

Next up, we have accounting software solutions. There are loads of different forms of accounting software out there, with QuickBooks being the most well-known. Generally, accounting takes up a lot of time in your business, yet it’s a task you can’t avoid. Unfortunately, you spend so much time dealing with finances that you don’t have enough time to truly reach peak productivity.

Accounting software solutions directly combat this. They provide ways of automating a variety of time-consuming tasks – like tracking expenses, creating and sending invoices, collecting payments from clients, and calculating taxes. Instead of spending hours trying to do all of this yourself, it can be done in an instant with some handy software.

Customer support software

A lot of time will be spent handling customer queries and offering support. Sadly, this also eats into your productive hours, stopping you from doing tasks that might help you generate more customers.

Using customer support software can put an end to this. Software solutions include things like chatbots that are designed to solve customer queries using AI. You can install them on your website, offering 24/7 customer support without actively doing anything. This way, you’re only contacted when niche issues arise that the software can’t solve. Regardless, this will definitely help you be more productive – both in general and in the way you handle customer support.

It’s evident that these software solutions help you become more productive as a business. The purpose of this post is twofold. To start, it helps you see how software can improve your business. However, it’s also a great way of showing the many different software solutions at your disposal.

Image Credits: Torsten Dettlaff

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