5 Gifts That You Can Send A Loved One From Overseas

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When you move away from home, or one of your loved ones decides to pack up and move, it can be difficult to keep up with traditions on birthdays and other special occasions. Buying a gift and posting it at your local post office can be time consuming and expensive.

This is why we have put together a list of some of the great gifts that you can send a loved one from wherever you are. Keep reading if you need some inspiration.


Sending a bunch of flowers is something that many people like to do when a big event like an anniversary or birthday comes along but how do you do this if you live in another country? The great news is that you can now send a bunch of flowers online to your loved one and they will arrive fresh at their door on your chosen day. This can be a perfect surprise and your loved one will be really impressed.


One of the most popular things that people use online gift delivery for these days is to send a box of chocolates to a loved one. Sites like Giftsnideas offer a service that allows you to choose the perfect box of chocolates for your loved one and have it shipped to them on the right day. Think about how much you loved one will enjoy opening the door on their birthday to a nice box of chocolates from you even though you can’t be there in person.

A Dinner Voucher

Many people like to treat a loved one to a fancy meal on a special occasion but when you live overseas, this is not always possible. The good news is that many restaurants offer a service that allows you to purchase a gift voucher online and have it sent to your loved one. This means that they can enjoy a meal on you and head there with their friend or partner.


Does someone you know have a big birthday coming up? In 2019, you can even send cakes online to loved ones who aren’t based in the same country as you and they’ll love seeing it arrive at their door on their birthday. You can get many different kinds of cakes so make sure to check this out.

Gift Baskets

Finally, you might want to think about sending a gift basket to a loved one when their birthday comes around and you can’t be there. Gift baskets come in all shapes and sizes and you can have everything from alcohol to chocolate and toys inside. This can be a great gift and your loved one with appreciate the thought.

Final Verdict

When you live overseas, it can be hard to give gifts to loved ones without too much hassle. This is why you should consider using online gift sending services to give them a great surprise on their birthday or special occasion.

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