Roles and Responsibilities of a Divorce Lawyer in Mississauga

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The choice of cutting the knot between you and your supposed partner in life can be a tormenting decision. The process will take a toll on your overall being. As such, you would need someone who can provide you with all the guidance and support that you need to conquer this challenge.

A Divorce Lawyer Mississauga specializes in legal matters related to family law. They are skilled and well-qualified legal experts who will serve the client’s interest and protect his/her rights. The Divorce Lawyer in Mississauga from Minhas Lawyers know how to provide the right balance between objective actions and personal collaborations with the client. Further, more than a robust legal skillset, they have a people-oriented outlook, which easily earns the respect of their clients.

How to File a Divorce in Mississauga

The divorce law in Mississauga is similar to every other place in Canada. This federal law holds authority over all divorce matters. While the law states that citizenship is not a requirement in divorce, there are specific eligibility criteria one should meet before filing for a divorce.

  • The individual was legally married in Canada or any other country.
  • There is a clear intention of permanent separation from spouse.
  • There is a firm conviction that the person believes that reconciliation is impossible.
  • The couple has lived in any municipalities in Ontario for at least 12 months before the filing of a divorce.

Further, there are limited legally accepted reasons for filing a divorce. According to law, these are the only premises of a broken marriage acceptable for the courts:

  • The couple has lived separately for at least a year, and both consider the marriage dysfunctional.
  • If the spouse committed adultery and the other party has not forgiven the act.
  • There is evidence of physical, verbal, emotional, and mental abuse.

Key Roles and Responsibilities of the Lawyer

Divorce lawyers represent a single party involved in a divorce proceeding. They work on matters like child custody conflicts, disputes in leases and assets, and even drafting of wills. Here are some of the specific tasks that a divorce lawyer undertakes.

  • Provides the client with comprehensive knowledge in dealing with financial assets, bank accounts, and marital properties.
  • Communicates with the other party to arrive on a beneficial negotiation that will serve the interests of the client.
  • Gives counseling and advice, which will help the client in dealing with emotional disruptions.
  • Conducts extensive research on other cases, laws, and the court system that can help the client obtain pieces of evidence backing up the party’s claims.
  • Prepares the paperwork like complaints, motions, and custody papers, which are needed for further trial proceedings.
  • Mediates the deals on disputes during the whole divorce process.
  • Represents the interests and reputation of the client in all court hearings.
  • Creates settlement plans per the intentions of the client.

There are specific standards one should meet when opting for divorce in Mississauga. Hiring a lawyer entails a lot of advantages, especially when you do not have enough knowledge of legal matters. A lawyer will guide you through everything with a reasonable perspective. Moreover, a divorce lawyer will take care of the practical side of the issue, which will give you enough time to focus on improving your overall well-being.

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