7 Destinations for a Last-Minute Getaway

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It is finally happening – the summer is here and it is time to take a vacation! Since you haven’t booked anything yet, you need some great last-minute offers. You may want to know what destinations are trendy this year. Let’s see what some of the choices are and have a perfect last-minute getaway.

Mexico City

Maybe this is going to sound unexpected, but Mexico City has moderate temperatures all summer, even during the hottest time of the year in other countries. It’s also a great option for all foodies out there, since lately Mexico has been known for its marvelous restaurants. There are 16 neighborhoods to pay a visit to, each with its own unique energy.


If you want an unforgettable trip, you can visit one of Australia’s largest cities. If you are a fan of opera, check out the harbourfront Sydney Opera House – its sail-like design makes it quite distinctive. If you come with children, visiting the Taronga Zoo should be a must on your to-do list. You kids will be delighted and so will you. You can see the famous Sydney Tower Eye or have a Blue Mountains tour with plenty of other tourists who come to enjoy the sights of this city. If you want to get the most out of this destination, choose a hotel with a remarkable history. A Chippendale hotel is a good choice, offering an extraordinary experience that you simply cannot get from a big chain hotel. This small inner-city suburb of Sydney has a lot of charms you will enjoy for sure.

Sunset on beach

Nelson, British Columbia

Maybe this was once a sleepy mountain town, but it is not the case anymore. Nelson is pretty active and there are plenty of reasons why it is worth visiting. If you yearn for great outdoor summer adventures, this is your place! You can enjoy 30 miles of lift-access hiking or an amazing mountain bike terrain park. Beside its climbing routes, you may also like museums, shops and the cuisine.


Visit this place with a unique allure for less coin than some other islands. Wherever you want to stay, it is easy to score a deal. You have plenty of bed-and-breakfast varieties and one of them might be exactly what you are looking for. There are numerous restaurants, shops, and you can enjoy colorful Dutch Colonial architecture.

Krakow, Poland

Old World architectural marvels like Wawel Cathedral and St. Mary’s Basilica fill the city’s quaint town center. There is a big number of historical sites to tour. This is a place of Polish Aviation Museum, Oskar Schindler’s Factory, and Auschwitz. If you have time after seeing all of this, reserve it for the world’s largest medieval market, where you will like dining and shopping!

Portillo, Chile

For all the skiing fans – you have a chance to visit one of the world’s most revered ski destinations.  Have as many carving fresh turns as you want at Chile’s Ski Portillo and watch national World Cup ski teams practice. However, this is not for those who will miss TV and WiFi.

Hong Kong

Take delights in its iconic sites and regional cuisine, just like a full-day coach tour around Hong Kong Island with dim sum lunch. You will also have a chance to enjoy a walking tour around Central and Sheung Wan. It is one of the greatest places in Asia for world-class dining, pampering and shopping.

Reserve one of these spots for a steal quickly and have a vacation of your dreams! Depending on your preferences, choose what attracts you the most from this list. Some of the options are less, and some are more affordable, but all of the destinations are good alternatives for a last-minute getaway.

If you’re looking for something a little more affordable, you might be surprised about the potential for adventure around you, e.g. try looking up hunley submarine pictures to get an idea of what local history might be waiting to be discovered, especially if you’re in a coastal area!

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