Bratislava, Slovakia – Hidden Party Hub with Aristocratic Shine

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Despite its central location, Bratislava is one of the lesser-known capitals of Europe. In today’s article, we will introduce you to this fascinating city to its real connoisseurs: as a city with a great history, important sights, rich culture, and exceptional nature. It’s also a city with a high quality of nightlife. Bratislava’s unique location at the crossroads of several countries multiplies the potential of the surrounding area. Slovakia offers in a small space a great treasure of nature, history, and architecture, which is easily accessible from the capital.

The New Sympathy of European Youngsters

Planet of Peace Fountain, Grassalkovich Palace

The capital city of Slovakia is experiencing a tourist boom in recent years for its unforgettable Bratislava stag do weekends. And it’s no surprise, since Bratislava is market as one of the most advanced and affordable party spots of EU. It has a wide selection of exciting cultural events that are visited by thousands of people annually. Whatever is the reason for your stay, we can assure you that you will enjoy this experience for its tranquility on the banks of the Danube, for its gastronomy and an extensive menu of beers, or the intensity of the night.

Bratislava is now considered one of the most important logistics centers in Central-Europe for its strategic location. With a large port and the proximity of major capitals such as Vienna or Budapest. It is mandatory to visit it and enjoy its history and its monuments if you are in love with the culture of Europe.

In the city, there are multiple must-see landmarks, such as Bratislava Castle, the most visited monument in the city. Where in addition to the construction of the castle itself, you can enjoy the beautiful gardens and the spectacular views. Of course, the Cathedral of San Martín has to be visited while you are still in the old town as well as La Ópera, one of the most beautiful buildings that you can see during this adventure.

Amazing Landmarks and Mouthwatering Slavic Cuisine

Woman eating food at table

The column of the plague which was built as gratitude for the end of the epidemic should be your next stop. If after making a route through the center gives you an appetite, then It might be the right time to fall in love with the gastronomy in Bratislava. We recommend you replenish your strength with a plate of “halusky”. It’s pasta with sheep cheese sauce called “bryndza”, and also has small fried bacon cubes to give it a better texture.

If you prefer to eat something with a spoon, ask for a plate of “goulash”, a roast of potatoes with meat, although it is of Hungarian origin, it is also traditional in Slovakia. Or maybe a typical garlic soup, that can be served inside a bun. Of course, all this accompanied by a refreshing half-liter beer “velke pivo” or an exquisite wine from the country’s vineyards.

Bratislava may seem a relatively small city, but the number of contrasts and the offer of entertainment makes us recommend you spend at least 2 or 3 days to fully enjoy the city without haste. Hiring a guide in Bratislava is also recommended if you want to see many sites in a short time.

With enough time, a place of obligatory visit is the Red Stone Castle to go back in time in your guided tour of its stunning interior, and have a drink in its quiet garden. You can also visit towns near Bratislava such as Svaty Jur, Pezinok or Modra. All with great Slovakian identity and fame their fabulous wines.


Bratislava Castle, Slovakia

Maybe the end of your adventure can be a good start for visit to other big cities such as Vienna or Budapest, although for this we would recommend at least spending an additional 2 days for a full exploration of this fabulous European area. How ever you plan to finish your adventure one thing is for sure, there will always be something unexplored and your heart will demand from you to return once more for this Slavic adventure.

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