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Fun Facts About Texas

Whether you call it Texas tea, black gold, or any other name that comes to mind for the slippery liquid that greases the wheels of the Lone Star State’s economy, oil is king. However, there is so much more to Texas than oil rigs, cowboy hats, big belt buckles, and succulent barbeque. Before we discuss some of the best sites to visit, let’s discover five little-known facts about the great state of Texas!

  1. Dr Pepper was invented in Texas in 1885 – Charles Alderton created one of the nation’s most popular soft drink in Waco, Texas. It was rolled out nationally in 1904 and it is now an international sensation. Much like KFC’s secret recipe, the list of ingredients that make Dr Power so flavorful is split between two safety deposit boxes securely located in two separate Dallas banks.
  2. “What’s up doc?” – the ubiquitous catchphrase, “What’s up doc?”, that is synonymous with the Looney Tunes character Bugs Bunny, was introduced by animator Tex Avery. Although Avery gets credit for it, he openly admits it was a common greeting at his North Dallas High School.
  3. Texas has its own power grid – there are three power grids in the United States. One powers states east of the Rocky Mountains, the second generates power for states west of the Rocky Mountains, while the third belongs solely to Texas. It was built before and during World War 2 to ensure Texas factories could continue producing war supplies which were independent of the other grids and self-sustainable.
  4. Feel the need for speed – there is a 40-mile stretch of road between Austin and San Antonio, Texas where the speed limit is 85 mph!
  5. Everything’s bigger in Texas – including the state’s capitol! If we calculate the gross square footage of every state capitol, we find that Texas tops them all. Only the federal U.S. Capitol building is bigger but the dome atop the Texas Capitol is seven feet higher than the Capitol in DC. Texas is also bigger than many European countries including France!

Don’t Miss These Texas Attractions

Are You Ready for Some College Football?

Football is religion in Texas and you can see packed high school stadiums, reminiscent of Friday Night Lights, rollicking like a big-time college game anywhere else. Speaking of college football, you can always check out a game at the University of Texas in Austin, where the Longhorns play, or travel to Waco where the Baylor Bears battle on Saturday afternoons during the fall. There’s also Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas A&M at College Station, or SMU located in the heart of Dallas.

The NFL Resides in Texas

America’s Team is always a great take if you decide to visit Jerry Jones’ billion-dollar playground to watch the Dallas Cowboys. But they’re not the only game in town because the Houston Texans are +750 to win the division at YouWager and you can watch them try to get there if you decide to visit NRG Stadium.

Remember the Alamo

It’s a must-see for anyone traveling to the Lone Star State and visiting San Antonio. A small US force barricaded themselves inside the fortress and bravely fought a much larger Mexican army during the Texas War of Independence. The valiant battle was used as a rallying cry then and is still used today.

Sixth Floor Museum

This was where the fatal bullet was fired that killed President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Detailed accounts of the most stunning assassination in US history are all found right here, at Dealey Plaza in Dallas.

San Antonio River Walk

If you’re in San Antonio visiting the Alamo then you have to check out the Riverwalk. It is a gorgeous stone path built below street level and runs parallel to the river flowing through San Antonio. River cruises are also available. And if you work up a hunger after basking in the breath-taking scenery then don’t worry because there are several charming restaurants lining the walkways.

Hamilton Pool

A visit to Hamilton Pool in Austin, Texas transports you to something resembling an exotic lagoon located on a faraway tropical island. Towering limestone rocks surround the pool and seasonal waterfalls enhance the stunning scenery. Families can spend the day lounging on the beach or swimming in the emerald green waters. Life vests are available as it is a designated protected area for locals and tourists.

Image Credits: Carlos Alfonso

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