5 Luxury Holiday Ideas to Celebrate the End of the Pandemic in 2021

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Let’s face it, the Coronavirus pandemic has seriously impacted us all one way or another, with at least a couple of annual holidays that had to be cancelled. Now the vaccines are being rolled out around the world, the end of the pandemic is in sight and if you are looking to book a luxury foreign holiday in 2021, here are a few ideas to inspire you.

  1. Luxury African Safari – There are quite a few African nations that host safari holidays; Kenya is the most established, while the best deals are to be found in Namibia, which hosts many National Parks where you can observe the Big 5 animals. Search with Google for a safari tour operator who offers English-speaking guides and allows the tourist to plan their own safari experience. The coastal region of Namibia offers some spectacular sand dunes and beaches, so you can break up the holiday into a safari and a beach experience. Scientists and animal experts say that in not too many years from now, many of the African wildlife species will become extinct, so now is the time to experience the majestic elephants and lions in their natural habitat.
  2. Chill out in the Maldives – The ultimate holiday has to be a stay at a luxury resort in the Maldives, with 5-star beach accommodation at down to Earth prices. There are many online tour operators that offer the millionaire lifestyle, where you have your own chef and barman to pamper you. The Maldives has long been a magnet for those seeking the best in luxury holiday accommodation and if you would like to browse a few paradise listings, a Google search is all it takes.
  3. Cruise the Andaman Sea – Why not charter a luxury yacht leaving from Phuket in Thailand and cruise the amazing Andaman Sea? There are yacht charter operators with state-of-the-art vessels that can be chartered with a full crew and using Google, you can compare packages and prices. When you charter a luxury yacht, you call the shots; you decide on your route, where you stop off, the menu and every other detail of your floating holiday. You might be thinking that yacht charter is very expensive, yet with a group of people, the cost is spread and there are no hidden extras! Click here for more ideas for a great 2021 summer vacation.
  4. Thailand – The Ultimate Golfing Holiday – If you are an avid golfer, Thailand is the place for you to battle against top-rated courses designed by people like Gary Player and Arnold Palmer. If you base yourself in Phuket, you can play many of the 5-star courses and there are golf tour holiday operators online who will handle everything, leaving you to enjoy some of the best golf courses in the world. If you book a 3-week golfing holiday, you could play 30 different courses, if you wanted to play every day. You could travel to the north of Thailand and sample the colourful culture of the hilltribes, plus there are a few world-class golf courses around Chiang Mai that you should experience. Check with the Tourism Authority of Thailand for other top attractions in the Land of Smiles.
  5. Game Fishing in Florida – The biggest Marlin and Swordfish can be found in the warm Florida waters and with so much to do in the Sunshine State, you can combine serious big game fishing with visits to the many fun-parks and amusement centres, plus there is a lively nightlife to be found in Florida. If you want some real adventure, you could book a couple of days deep-sea fishing and search for the real monster fish! You won’t need to bring any tackle, the fishing charter operator handles everything including the bait and some liquid refreshment. Hopefully you will get a few photos to wow your friends with, while standing next to your huge catch.

As the whole world is itching to get back to normal, celebrate the end of the pandemic with one of the above luxury holidays and don’t take too long making your booking, as millions of people have the same idea.

Image Credits: Fonthip Ward

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