5 Personalized Gifts That Don’t Break the Bank

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Present buying can be difficult at the best of times, especially when it seems like the person that you’re buying for has everything already. Personalized gifts are great for people like this since you can guarantee that it’ll be something they don’t already own. However, since they’re one of a kind, personalized presents can often be costly.

This is why we have assembled a list of some of the best personalized gifts you can give someone that won’t break the bank.

Personalized Planner

Do you know someone that still likes to write everything down? A personalized planner is an excellent gift for those that still like to note down all of their appointments by hand. You can find all types of planners online that can be personalized as much or as little as you like.

A Photobook

In 2020, experts say that we will take over 1.4 trillion photographs. Everyone has a collection of beautiful memories stored in the form of pictures sat waiting on their phone. If you want to bring these memories to life, you should create a custom photobook retelling a special event like the timeline of a friendship or a relationship. You can also make customized photo collages if you want to use a more random selection of photos that are special to you but don’t necessarily have a theme.


One of the most popular gifts for birthdays or anniversaries is a bunch of flowers. It’s easy to personalize a gift like this by adding your own decorative vase, or sweet treats to put on the side. Use this Proflowers coupon code to save money on their beautiful bunches that are perfect for celebrating any occasion. You can also get indulgent gift baskets that include spa treatments, gourmet food, and even Starbucks gift baskets.

Homemade Gift Baskets

If you want to further personalize a gift basket, then making one from scratch might be a good idea. Gift baskets come in all shapes and forms, and you can put everything from chocolate and alcohol to cooking ingredients and spices inside. Gift baskets are some of the most budget-friendly personalized gifts as you can choose exactly what goes inside them.

Wine Subscription Box

Although gifting a single bottle of wine doesn’t seem like much, gifting a wine subscription that you have personally tested and enjoyed is a great personalized present. You can pick out wines that you and the person you are buying for have both tried together, or something entirely new that you think they would like the taste of. Although a wine subscription box is a little pricier than the other suggestions, the receiver will appreciate the effort that you have gone to by individually selecting each bottle.

Final Verdict

Thinking of innovative and original gifts to give to loved ones can be one of the hardest things to do. This is why you should consider a personalized present to provide them with something that they definitely don’t already have on their birthday or special occasion.

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