How Many Bedrooms Does Your Next House Need?

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Figuring out how many bedrooms your next house needs sounds like a trivial task, but not so fast. While it might seem simple on the surface, it actually requires considerably more planning than you might think.

In this post, we take a look at the true number of bedrooms your home needs and how to figure it out in detail.

Think About What You Need Right Now

The first step is to figure out how many rooms you need right now. If you are a couple with no children, then you might only need one bedroom to get by. However, if you have a family of four, then you’ll need at least three bedrooms, and perhaps another for guests.

Most families begin with a baseline of four bedrooms. This way, they have a little extra wiggle room, should they need extra space. What’s more, the market caters to this type of setup. Many properties for sale advertise themselves as having four bedrooms. It is a very popular configuration.

Decide If Kids Will Share

The next step is to decide whether your kids will share a bedroom or not. Technically, you can cram up to six children in a single room, but whether you’d want to is a different question.

Most parents pair children together in twos on bunk beds when they only have a limited number of rooms. However, there are benefits of each child having their own room, such as greater privacy.

You’ll also want to consider room size, as this too can affect your choice of home. If you don’t mind kids being in small rooms, then you can often get more bedrooms for your money.

Do You Need More Bedrooms In The Future?

The final step is to consider whether you need more bedrooms in the future. Whether you do or not depends on your situation and if you plan to have more children. It also depends on your future social life and whether you will have more guests staying over with you.

If you’re not sure about how many rooms you need, it’s a good idea to get in touch with experts. They can talk to you about your family situation and how many bedrooms you are likely to need in the future.

When it comes to buying a home, it helps to have a fixed plan for how many children you want. If you know that you will have three children, then you know what you are dealing with. If you have no idea how many kids will be popping out, then you can’t effectively plan home purchases for the long term.

Remember, buying a property is expensive. Transaction fees will limit your ability to move multiple times.

Consider Flexible Space

Lastly, you’ll want to factor in flex space. This is space in your home that you could use for bedroom purposes if push comes to shove. For instance, you might have a conservatory that you could temporarily transform into a guest room or a bedroom that could become a studio when your kids leave home.

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