5 Reasons You May Be Suffering from Back Pain

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Trying to figure out why your back hurts can be a series of dead ends.  Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, it flares up again.

Back pain isn’t just painful; it can affect every facet of your life.  It can affect your ability to sleep and even your productivity at work.  Sometimes the reasons behind it may not be what you thought at first.

Here are some of the reasons you may not have considered your back is hurting.


If you’re someone with a large chest, it may be what’s causing all that pain.  When you’re carrying more weight on the front than on the back, it creates an imbalance.

If you suffer from back pain regularly, you may want to consider whether the size of your breasts may be coming into play.  Considering breast reduction may not be an idea if your back pain is particularly bad as a result.


Emotional issues can start to take form physically.  When you have a lot of pressure mounting up, it may begin to appear as physical symptoms.

When you’re stressed out, your muscles tense up, which can lead to your back and shoulders tightening. If you lead a stressful lifestyle, it may be beneficial to try relaxing techniques like stretching or deep breathing.

Yoga can also be a great way to elongate your spine and loosen any knots in your muscles.

Bad Mattress

Your bed is where you spend an average of 40-60 hours a week in.  If your mattress doesn’t properly support your back, then it’s no wonder why your back is killing you.

Your mattress shouldn’t be too hard or too soft, but rather right in the middle offering sufficient support.  A good mattress may be a significant investment; however, it’s worth it when it comes to your overall well-being.


You may not have ever considered that your smoking habit is playing a role in the well-being of your back, but it may be!

Statistics show that smokers are more likely to suffer from chronic back pain than non-smokers. If you didn’t already have enough reasons to quit smoking already, then this may be the final push for you.

Weak Core

Your core is an essential part of your body’s equilibrium. If you haven’t done any abdominal exercises in a while, then it may be something to consider.  Strengthening your core can have an enormous impact on your spine health.

Back pain isn’t fun for anyone.  By trying to eliminate the most likely causes for your back pain, hopefully, you’ll pinpoint the cause eventually and find yourself free of pain once and for all.

Image Credits: Alex Boyd

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