Regulating Your Emotions In High-Stress Job Positions

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While we may be outwardly qualified to hold a stressful position, it’s important for us to recognize that work can be quite intense from time to time, and that it’s important for us to care for ourselves. Furthermore, it’s also important to make sure we are prepared and equipped for the task of each day. You need not have to work as the CEO of a Fortune 500 company to see this way. Think of all the current healthcare workers, for example, who are as of the time of this writing being stretched beyond any professional capacity they should usually have to keep on top of. We owe them our respect.

But you don’t even have to be in a high-stress position, or what we would regard as that, in order to feel stressed. Regulating your emotions can also mean simply knowing how to move through remote working for long months in the midst of national lockdowns. These are questions we all need to answer or at least discuss at some point. So – let’s discuss them!

Divide Work & Home Life

Dividing your home and work life is very important. It can help you keep on top of your responsibilities without feeling like they’re hanging over you throughout the day. That’s also very important in the midst of lockdown, when remote working reigns supreme. You may decide to use two computer profiles with your personal and professional setups – or two devices entirely. Setting strict hours and space to work can also be important. If working from home, sometimes taking a 30-minute morning walk as if it were your ‘walk to work’ can help you take that mental break necessary before attending to your tasks. It’s little efforts like this that can make a real difference.

Work As A Real Team

Remember, even if you’re working alone, you usually have some kind of team you can draw on or ask questions of. This might involve asking them for the resources you need, to refer you to sources, or to divide and delegate the authority of a task. Often, professionals that fail to work as part of a team have a tougher time at work, and can sometimes even put people off if they only want to work alone because they wish to ‘do the job right.’ That kind of effort can be quite worthwhile.

Self Care & Personal Maintenance

Of course, don’t forget self-care and its importance. You need to make sure that you’re getting enough sleep each day (or catching up on it if you can). You might read into how CBD oil can help with anxiety, or use breathing and meditation exercises to feel more rooted to your current self, even in a tense meeting. Personal maintenance may even mean taking a ‘mental health day’ by booking some time off from time to time. This kind of effort not only helps your personal self – it helps better format your professional self, too.

With this advice, we hope you can regulate your emotions, even in high-stress job positions.

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