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Almost all businesses now function online, and most of those will also take several kinds of details from potential customers and clients. This could be as simple as a name and an email address, or more complex, like financial details and personal residence.

This means that now more than ever, small businesses are at threat from cyber-attacks an would-be cybercriminals.

You can take many steps to protect your small business against risk cyber attacks and hacking.

It is important to keep in mind that it could be a potential target no matter how small your business is. A single cyber attack can have a detrimental effect on your business and can ruin your reputation for good.

Not to mention that if you have a breach of data sometimes, you can be fined depending on the circumstances.

If you happen to use a platform like Microsoft Office 365, you’ll need to be aware of their security protocols and make sure that you understand things like Microsoft Defender.

Most often, Microsoft Office 365 installation and maintenance will be with a third party, in which case you can Direct all of your security questions to them.

In the meantime, here are some things that you can do to protect your small business from cyber-attacks.


All of your business data and your website data must be backed up. If you do suffer a cyber attack, you’ll need to be able to have your business back up and run as soon as possible. So this step will enable you to have a recovery ready.

Suppose you have the option to have a regular backup automatically created through your hosting. In that case, you must take this option unless you can schedule a regular day where you manually set a backup into your calendar.

Device and network

You need to ensure that you allow the security and operating system software to update automatically. Often updates will have important security upgrades for more recent malware and viruses. Without these essential updates, you leave your devices and network at risk.

Almost all updates can also be scheduled to run after business hours or at a convenient time for you.


Many people still see firewalls as an irritating piece of software that stops accessing websites. However, a firewall is one of the most important pieces of software or hardware that says between you and a potential threat. Consider your firewall as the gatekeeper for anything outgoing and incoming.

It will protect your business’s internal networks; however, you need to make sure that they are regularly patched, and then all over the advanced settings are set up to how you are like them.

It is even more important than all of your portable devices. Any devices used by anyone you hire as a freelancer also hazard these security protocols in place.


Where possible make sure that your network encryption is turned on, so all of the data that you send is encrypted when it’s sent or stored online. Encryption is a very simple way to convert all of your data into a code before you send it over the internet.

This dramatically reduces the likelihood that any of the information will be tampered with, destroyed, or stolen.

After that, you can turn on your network encryption simply by going to your router settings or by installing a VPN.

A VPN can be one of the most secure ways for you to send information from your business.

Two Factor authentication

Two-factor authentication or multi-factor authentication will ensure that you have an extra layer of security for anything that requires to be logged into. It will require the person logging in to approve this through a password sent to the email address or to their phone.

You can also use a stand-alone authentication app depending on how you like your security to look.

Always encourage your team to change their password regularly and to include a range of capital letters, small letters, numbers, and symbols. The password is harder to crack.

Protecting your business from a cyber attack is one of the most important things that you can do since almost all businesses are now online.

And if you don’t like the sound of the cost of a breach of data and you want to protect your customers, the steps above are just a few that you should take.

Your business communications can also benefit from the right security, but there is more than great security involved in having incredible communications: Managing Communication Within Your Business | Previous Magazine.

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