The Six Best Social Work Jobs after a Master’s Degree

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Individuals who have social work jobs are usually motivated to give something back to society. However, sometimes the sheer conviction of paying back to society gets lost somewhere in the struggle to live a luxurious life. The majority of students do not even think about this career path, and when they do, it is too late.

However, you can do a lot for society if you dig a little deeper. Earning a Master’s degree does not limit you to the corporate world. You can independently work for the welfare of humanity.

What is Social Work?

Before getting on to the ‘jobs’ part, what pops in your mind when someone says social work? Is it just donating a few bucks, volunteering for a charity, or taking care of underprivileged people? Of course not. It entails a lot more than that. Social workers help people address and manage issues impeding their social life. Be it mental, physical, behavioral, or interpersonal issues, all fall under the same roof. As a social worker, you are responsible for helping people overcome social hurdles and improve their quality of life.

Are you interested in social work too? Your professional degree should not restrict you from working for a good cause. Indeed, there are many jobs in the broad field of social work where you can not only serve others, but you get paid as well. If you have been searching for social work career options after your Master’s degree in your favorite field, you have just landed on the right page.

Social Service Groups

You must have heard about not-for-profit organizations. As a part of such organizations, you will get to know many people and their different problems. You will have numerous opportunities to help them live a better life. These groups do not pay the workers, and most of the work is volunteer work. However, it comes with a profound feeling of personal satisfaction. You can provide some essential services like home care, nursing, and financial support. On the other hand, you can also provide specialized services to the homeless, elderly, jobless, and sick.

Social Work Teachers

Education is the key to success. Yet, this fundamental human right is not available to everyone around the world. For many, poverty is a crippling cancer, and learning is out of their reach. Fortunately, social work teachers try to bridge this gap and work to provide education to the underprivileged. You can not only speak for their right as a social worker, but you can also be a social work teacher who can pass on the knowledge to the ones who need it. Teaching is a noble profession, and when it joins hands with social work, nothing is more charming than this career.

Healthcare Social Work

Do you have a Master’s degree in the healthcare sector? If yes, then there are plenty career options for you. From assisting doctors in hospitals to working at nursing homes and rehab centers, all social work jobs in the healthcare sector come with a huge responsibility towards society and are extremely rewarding on a personal level. In fact, social work jobs in the healthcare sector often tend to pay better than those in other fields. However, that shouldn’t be your primary motivation. Like education, quality healthcare is also a basic human right; this industry could definitely benefit from an extra pair of noble and socially just hands.

CSR Related Jobs in Organizations

The debate on corporate capitalism and its effect on our planet and society is a lengthy one and probably beyond this article’s scope. However, many companies engage in CSR-related and philanthropic activities to give back to the community. These companies have created special departments within themselves that work with other organizational departments to reduce their carbon footprint and to plan and execute social initiatives to improve people’s lives. Corporate social responsibility is rapidly taking recognition as an independent sector employing thousands of individuals.  Interestingly, many jobs in this field do not even require a specialized degree in social work, but merely empathy and a keen desire to improve society and preserve our planet.

Social Workers for Families

Unfortunately, not every family is normal, let alone perfect. Many are scarred by problems related to drug abuse, physical and sexual abuse, and marriage. The resultant trauma is life-changing and requires highly skilled and empathetic professionals to help people in dire need of a support system. Here’s where social workers with a background in community service, psychology, and trauma relief come into the picture. Several organizations operating in family social work are individuals with relevant qualifications and expertise to handle the complexities of a collapsing family system. One may not associate these jobs with high compensation, but then again, sometimes it’s not about the money. Instead, it’s about the part one plays in holding our social fabric together.

Social Activists

Speaking for the rights of people is one of the most incredible things you can do for society. Domestic violence, gender discrimination, racism, child abuse, and harassment are some of the most pressing problems yet to be addressed properly in several parts of the world. Why? Because in many cases, the victims’ plight is ignored. Social Activists will often find jobs with non-for-profit organizations as well as government organizations dedicated to removing these social vices from society. Of course, they can also work independently.

To Sum Up

Society provides you with numerous opportunities to grow and achieve all your professional goals. You can do a lot to give back to the community as a social worker simultaneously. Whether you choose to work as a part-time social worker or opt for a full-time career after acquiring a relevant Master’s degree is up to you. Just know this; sometimes, the deep sense of personal satisfaction trumps the financial rewards after a long day’s work.

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