5 Tech Tools to Help Teens Learn

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Teenagers use smartphones as a go-to for everything. From research, mapping, stat tracking and studying. As they prepare for the real world, here are a few apps and sites they might find handy.

The Mint

While you might have already discussed the basics of budgeting and the importance of saving versus spending, they can supplement this knowledge with The Mint. The site features teen-friendly information and lessons they can use to learn more about debt, savings accounts, and how to determine a budget based on their current income as well as potential future incomes. The site also includes helpful articles on the pros and cons of credit cards, which is vital knowledge for teens as they head off to college and are inundated with credit card offers.


If your teenager is working on getting his or her driver’s license, TopTests is a great online tool. Even if your teen has read and re-read the Highway Code, it’s often not enough to pass the theory test. TopTests features a dozen mock theory tests that your teen can take over and over, as well as practice exams on topics like fines, limits, signs and rules. By taking multiple mock tests, your teen will learn more about the Highway Code and become more prepared to pass the actual test.

Homework & School Apps

Teens who need help staying on top of their school work can download apps that feature planners, homework reminders and more. For example, myHomework allows teens to enter in their test dates, projects, lessons, homework and class times. The app will not only remind teens when something is due; using it will help them to become more organised, better students. The Homework App is a similar app that allows teens to color code their school work, get help, and view their assignment by day, week or month.


As a parent, you have probably told your teen that he or she can come to you at any time with questions or concerns about health. But you probably realize that this will not always happen — teens can be embarrassed to talk to their parents about certain things or they might want to research their questions on their own. KidsHealth.org is a terrific online tool for teens that features in-depth and expert answers about a variety of health topics including food and fitness, sexual health, drugs and alcohol and much more. The teen section also features a list of Hot Topic articles like how to manage their weight, how to prevent acne and how to help a friend who is self-harming.

Jamie’s Home Cooking Skills

Instead of relying on a dusty old cookbook or their parents for cooking skills, teenagers can transform their tablets or smartphones into cooking classrooms. For example, Jamie’s Home Cooking Skills is a perfect online resource for teens who are learning to cook. The site features a variety of educational videos that show novice chefs how to do different things in the kitchen — including how to follow a recipe, what the difference is between boiling and simmering water, and how to safely use a knife.

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